Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June 22, 2002

This day I will marry my friend.
The one I laugh with,
dream with,
live for,

Today is our 8th wedding anniversary. 
Yes, 2 days after our "date-a-versary." 
In case you cant do the math...we dated 5 years and 2 days. 

Stories & pics from our wedding:
What a crazy time it was 8 years ago!!!!
I have never been so ready to just get away!  I tell everyone that a cruise is the BEST honeymoon.  EVER.  We couldnt have been reached if we had wanted to.  For so many weeks before the wedding, people were calling and asking questions about wedding stuff...it was so great to leave it all behind for someone else to take care of.

Some of the best advice about all the stress came from Mrs Dobbs & I like to pass it on today!  We were sitting in the middle of the aisle of the church on the Thursday before.  I believe we were making bows or something out of tulle.  Things at home were tense for various reasons and she asked how things were going.  After talking for a while she said:
"I was told once that weddings were made so that girls were ready to leave their mammas and mammas were ready to get rid of their daughters." 
Sorry mom...but it was so true at the time.  I knew that living 10 hours away after the wedding would be tough...but the thought of it at that time was a life saver!!!!

If I were planning my wedding again there is SO much I would do differently, but that doesnt matter now!  I kept repeating that I didnt care WHAT happened...as long as we were married by the end of the day!!!!

My other rule was NO CRYING.  I was SO excited for this day to be here, that I didnt want any crying.  People broke this rule.  At one point I looked back and half of my bridesmaids were wiping their eyes.

We had waited SO long for this day (and I mean WAITED...in every since of the word!) and I just wanted to marry my best friend!!!!!!

Here are some of my fave pics (bridal and wedding) with more stories under them:

My friend, Kelly's, mom took my bridal pics for me at their house.

I loved how relaxed and intimate that day was.

I was in a place that was like my 2nd home
and just loved having a good time and being comfortable and able to laugh and joke around.
I love this pic of my bouquet...I have it in an 8x10 frame on a wall in our house.
After I changed...we decided to have a little fun!!

Well...before this was taken...we had gone inside to change and I took my dress off (but still had on my undergarments, which in wedding terms means I was FULLY covered) and we took some shots in the bath tub!  I had some hanging over the side holding my bouquet and some laid back w/ my feet up.  They look HILARIOUS.  Since my dress was strapless, it totally looks like I am not dressed at all!!!!  But, I am still wearing my veil & made up and such.  My PLAN was to send one of these pics in a card to Ben the morning of the wedding.  Just as a teaser!!  One of my biggest regrets from the day was that I forgot to do this...I left the pics at home and totally forgot a card.  Dang.  It would have been GREAT! 
(Ben said that I am not allowed to post any of those pics here.)

THEN, we went outside to have some fun!  I just started jumping and Mrs Judy snapped a bunch of pics.  Then we took these!  I love how bright the colors are...they are silly, but I think they are great pics!
Kelly & I
We've been friends since we were in the nursery together at church & roommates our freshman year at HU.

Man, I didnt sleep for like a WEEK before the wedding!!  I had so much going on.  People were giving me drugs left and right...nothing worked...there was so much to do!!  I was on a couch in the living room with my friend, Laura, while my sisters each got their own bed in their own rooms.  How did that happen?  I love you Laura, but really?  My mom got up around 3AM and snuck into the kitchen...I snuck in after her and we were both WIDE awake.

I seriously forgot EVERYTHING the day of the wedding!!  I dont know where my head was!!  I forgot the picture, I forgot cards for Ben and my parents, I forgot roses for our moms, I forgot to tell my dad to send my mom flowers...so much...but none of it mattered because
I WAS GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This pic was snapped right as Ben saw me the first time.

This was the ONLY time that I teared up and almost lost it!
We decided to do pics before the wedding, but still wanted that "special moment."  So, we cleared the auditorium, dimmed the lights, and Ben stood at the front with his back turned.  They played our song "The Other Side of Me" by Michael W Smith.  Our coordinator, Lindee, walked me to the back of the aisle and fluffed my dress for me.  I remember grabbing her arm and saying that I was about to lose it and she said "it's OK if you do."  I walked about halfway down the aisle and was supposed to say his name to get him to turn around.  I couldnt get his name out, so I just said "OK." and he turned around and the photographer snapped this shot.  They all left the room for a few minutes so that we could have some time alone...and then picture time started!

I love these guys!!

The Bridesmaids:  Amy, Kristie, Kelly, Michelle (Sister), Stephanie (Feff), Jennifer, Laura, Amanda
Flower Girls:  Macy & Sadie
The boys:  Pirkey, Brian, Matthew, David, Gabriel, Phillip, Greg
Ring bearers:  Benjamin & Henry (not pictured)

Ben and Benjamin Olree
I kept Benjamin O and his little brother Henry a couple days a week while I was in school at Harding. I LOVED that they were able to come down and be with us for our wedding!!!  It was so special...Henry was only 8 weeks old when I started keeping him...I'm sad that we didnt get but maybe 2 pics with him in them.
Ben's family

My family

After we took pics, we went back into the foyer and waited.  I LOVE that my bridesmaids and groomsmen were such good friends.  We had a good time.  I was STARVING...so someone made me a sandwich and I ate it.  Who thinks of eating breakfast and lunch when there is so much to do?!?  So, Sister held a napkin under it to catch the crumbs and I had an AWESOME ham & cheese sandwich on white bread.  I remember it tasting SO good.  (Why are sandwiches always better when someone else makes them?)  People kept saying "I cant believe you are eating" and "I was too nervous to eat before my wedding," etc...but I wasnt nervous at all!  I was just excited!!!!! (and I didnt want to be pass out at the wedding girl!)

My fave part of the whole wedding was...and still is...the singing and music!!!!!!!  I have SUCH talented friends and I was honored that they would drive in to sing 1 song for our day!  It was so special & I heard SO many comments afterwards on the singing and music.  I loved it!!!!!

We dont have good pics of it...but we had the groomsmen walk down 3 at a time down different aisles.  When they got to the end, Lindee thought it would be GREAT for them to walk over to Ben and shake his hand before going to their spots.  (Ben, his brother (best man), dad (who opened), and the minister all walked in from a side door...I would have had the groomsmen do the same, but I needed somewhere to play "I will be here" by Stephen Curtis Chapman.  Josh DeSha sang it for us and did a GREAT job!!!!)  Anyway, so I had NO clue this had happened...but Pirkey was the first to get to Ben shook his hand and leaned in and said "DONT.DROP.IT.  Put it in your pocket."  Yep...they all handed him "protection."  Some people in the audience caught on after seeing Ben's hand go to his pocket 7 times, but most had no clue.  Ben told me at the reception that he had a pocket full and I laughed SO hard!!!  Our groomsmen were all single...so this was SO unlike them.  I loved it!!  I loved even more hearing the story of how David acquired them!! 
Let's get this party started!!!

The kiss.
I love Phillip's face in this one...let's take a closer look:


Signing the license

I just love this one...I'm looking at Ben and it just looks like I have a secret!

Right after we walked up the aisle!
I love this one b/c that bulletin board behind us was done about 20 minutes before the ceremony started.  Mrs Tommy did it in NO TIME with a handful of highlighters.  Yep...highlighters!  I wish I had it laminated or something.  It was amazing!

I could have eaten this all night long!!!!  It was SOOO good!!!!  Mrs Grace cakes are infamous and I was so luck that she made one for me!!! 

I don't have a great shot of the grooms cake...but it was a "strawberry basket" made with German chocolate cake.  What you may not know is that I am HIGHLY allergic to pecans (which are found in the typical German chocolate frosting).  Like, my chest closes up and I have an anaphalactic reaction.  The last time I had a pecan, I ate a HALF OF A HALF and ended up in the ER.  So, after we ate bites of my cake, we moved over to Ben's.  I see it and realize that it is German chocolate and just take a small bite from the top down (the German icing was in the middle).  I'm a smart girl.  Well, my mom didn't know any of this and apparently realized that there were nuts in the middle after we had already left...and freaked out. When Ben called his dad to say that we made it to the hotel, we had to assure them that I hadnt eaten any and was fine.  OOPS.

A word of advice...DO NOT USE EASY CHEESE ON CARS.  We spent a good hour at the car wash trying to get the smeared dried on cheese off the window.  Thanks boys!  I'm also going to say that I can pretty much guess who was responsible for the "bed" on the window...Gabriel Myers...and the word s#x written all over the car.  Thanks again.

The back of the car was filled with more "protection items" and the front was filled with balloons.

This pic was taken right after Ben shut my door of the car.  Brian was hiding in the balloons and took off driving (like a mad man).  It was GREATNESS!!!!  Look at their faces! 

When Ben was putting me in the car, I see Brian under all of the balloons, it scared me so I squealed.  Gabriel comes up to "hug" me and says..."QUIET.JUST.GET.IN."  So, I did and Brian stole me for a drive around the block...leaving Ben in the dust!!!  Oh boys!


We had to drive back to my house to get some laundry that was in the dryer (I somehow forgot until the night before that I needed CLEAN laundry for the honeymoon!), then headed off to Vicksburg, MS for the night.  We got up Sunday morning and drove down to NOLA and left for our cruise to Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel later that day.  One of the best parts was finally getting some sleep...safe in the arms of my new husband while the waves rocked us to sleep!  Perfection.


beloved of the king said...

ummm cute, but...where's the photos of your "t(rash)-girls"???

Kate said...

You made a stunning bride!

Happy Anniversary!

Jen said...

very sweet. belated happy anniversary! love you two.

Mama M. said...

Congratulations and...GORGEOUS! Awesome pics!

And...hooray for no word verification!!!!

MollyinMinn said...

Happy anniversary to you both! What lovely photos you had and I love the one of you on the trampoline. Thanks for sharing and here is to 8x10 more great years! (okay, so that might be pushing it, but who knows ;)

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