Sunday, June 20, 2010

June 20, 1997

13 years ago today, I agreed to be this guy's girlfriend!!

Little did I know that:
-God had such big plans for our future! 
-He would turn out to be the best guy!
-I would be spoiled for the rest of my life!
-5 years (and 2 days) later we would be married
-13 years later we would be closer than ever
-he would be my rock!
-what a man of God he would become!

What?  You want a story? 

We were at Summer Camp at Camp Ch-Yo-Ca the Summer after my Jr and his Soph years of HS and it was bloody hot.  We had had this "flirty thing" going on between us for a couple of months and all our friends were talking and being all Jr/Hi about it.  So, at camp they all decided to make a bet...they each took a day that they thought Ben would "ask me out" (thats what you do when you're 16, you know).  So, we got through the week with our friends asking me if I liked him and asking him if he liked me.  I was so agitated by the end of the week!!!!  Come to find out...when they would ask me if I liked him, my answer was always "we are friends" but they would tell him that I said that I liked him.  When they asked him and he said "we are friends" they told me that he said "we are friends."  Goodness...we just wanted to be left alone!!! 

I had already decided that I had invested a lot of time and energy into this non-relationship and if nothing happened by the end of the week that I was done.  Moving on.  To what...who knows...but you know how dramatic everything is in high school!

So, the last night of camp is a long one...the goal is to keep everyone up & doing planned activities so that there are no pranks. So by the time that the campfire was finished for the night, it was after midnight.  After it was over, we were all hugging goodnight and Ben pulled me to the side "to talk."  He said "Lindsey said you like me is it true?"  OK, a MILLION thoughts were running through my head. 

I was thinking: 
a) I never said that,
b) Lindsey said that he didnt like me,
c) I'm going to kill her.
d) what if he says "well, you should stop"
e) should I say "no" to guard my heart
f) what if he does like me?
g) should I just tell the truth?
h) HELP ME, GOD!  

(The Campfire...oh how I love this place!)

So, I nodded my head "yes" and he said "Yes?  You do"  So, I had to say it "yes."  Then, he let out a big breath and said "Well, then will you go out with me?"  Then, I smiled real big and said "YES!" and then ran off to tell everyone else. 

I remember that the next person that I hugged was my friend Joel and I whispered it to him.  I then told my friend Kelly who told the world for me!  She told our friend David as we were walking towards the villages to split for the night.  David then ran back to the campfire and shouted (loud enough that we heard him from the girls village) "HE FINALLY POPPED THE QUESTION!" and a small cheer went up (from those who knew what the heck he was talking about). 

Kelly and I went into the girls village and into my sister's cabin...who was in on the bets...and I said "who had Friday, cause they won."  Best part was...NO ONE had Friday, so we beat them all at their little game!!!!  We went to sleep that night and woke up the next morning for breakfast

...and both showed up for breakfast wearing the same shirt.     
Yep.  Awesome.  Not so much!
(I think this pic was after I went back to change)

We've been "together" everyday since then and I couldnt be happier!  We became adults TOGETHER and I am a better person because of the impact that he had on my life from this day on. 
Thanks for being "The Other Side of Me."

You can all go gag now...but it's my blog and I am madly in love with my husband...
so I get to cheese-out occasionally if I want to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Pamela Hill said...

Such a sweet post!! You brought a couple of tears to my eyes!! :D
Happy Anniversary and I pray that you guys will continue to be abundantly blessed with unconditional love and joy!

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