Tuesday, May 18, 2010


This weekend, Sister and Bryson came.  Well, they came on Thursday and stayed until Monday.  We had a great time and the weekend flew by.  I paid sister to clean my house on Friday while I was at work...so I had a great time, but I cant say so much for her :)  Friday night, Sister and I went to a Pamperd Chef party at at Lexi's house.  We had a great time...I was on "spending restriction" but managed to get a few things that I am excited about!!  Ben took Bryon over to Leah's house to play with Glade and Addison

Saturday, we went to the new Whole Foods and bought too much...but had a blast looking around.  There were great things about the new one, but things that I didnt like as much as my "usual."  I did get a great price on local corn still in the husk:  They had them either one for $.79 or 6 for $2.00.  Umm...DUH...I bought 6 for $2.00 and Ben shucked them (I'm allergic and the last time I shucked them my eyes swelled closed) and we put them in the freezer.  I also met this guy named Tommy.  Tommy was letting people sample salsa...only Tommy was the one who MADE it.  I said "YOU really made this?"  and he did...his pic is on the jar and everything!   I fell in LOVE with the spiciest pinapple chile salsa and bought a jar.  Ben loves it too, so I am sure we will be buying more!! 

After Whole Foods, we went to Cowboy Chicken on Greenville Ave (and Lovers).  M enjoyed a yummy grilled chicken sandwich, I had the rotissery chicken, and Bry had the children's veggie plate of mac & cheese and french fries.  After eating AGAIN, we drove over to JD's Chippery and had snickerdoodle cookies and a cherry lime-aide.  Let me tell you, there is a REASON that this was voted best lime-side in town...it's TO DIE FOR!!!!  After JD's we headed back to our neck of the suburbs to Old Navy to get Ben new swim trunks for $10 and then on to Hobby Lobby.  Oh, Hobby Lobby I love you.  We bought vintage flowers, feathers, tulle, and way too much.  We ran home to let Bry nap and we began crafting.  OH HOW MUCH FUN WE HAD!!  Well, we made some CUTE CUTE CUTE things that I will be posting as soon as my digital camera cooperates w/ this computer.

After making crafts, we were off to dinner with friends.  Our Bible Class at church does "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" every so often.  Each family signs up as either a host/hostess or guest and puts your name in an envelope.  It's a secret to everyone else.  The IDEA is to not know where you are going...or if you are hosting, not to know who is coming!  We got the email around 3 and knew that we were going to the Thomas' house.  We had a great time & Bryson LOVED their Thomas the train table and ALL the tracks that they have!!

After church on Sunday, we went and had a Subway picnic at a large park in Rockwall.  We were supposed to be meeting our small group, but didnt see anyone, so we ate & took some pics of Bryson.  Sister was hoping that she wouldnt have to have his 3 yr old pics taken.  We got some great shots...but it was stinkin hot!  Here are some of my faves:
Here are my absolute FAVES:
After the pics & playing on the too hot playground equipment, we decided that it would be fun to take him to the sprinkler park located at another entrance of the park we were at.  Did we have a suit for him?  NO!  Did we have towells?  NO!  Sunscreen?  NO!  Did we care?  NO!
Yep...that's Bryson in his Thomas tighty-whities!!
He had a BLAST!!

Blogger is being WONKY with the pictures today...so I'll leave you with this one pic from the sprinklers
...the rest I will post for Wordless Wednesday tomorrow

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