Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter...New Again

I think I posted this video last Easter, but I just love it.  Brad & Sarah are 2 of my faves and this is just so powerful...and hard to watch at the same time.

I thank GOD for making me new again (and again and again) by giving His son...the ultimate sacrafice.  Join me in praising Him...not just today, but everyday.  It's tough to watch, but I know that I need to be reminded of just HOW MUCH He loves me. 

PTL that he is not still in the tomb...HE IS RISEN and one day He will come back for me!!!!!!

New Again
Brad Paisley and Sara Evans

Mother - do not cry for me
ll of this is exactly how it's supposed to be
I'm right here. Can you hear my voice?
My life, my love, my baby boy

As they nail me to this tree
Just know my Father waits for me
God how can this be your will?
To have your son and my son killed?

Whatever happens...whatever you see...
Whatever your eyes tell you has become of me
This is not...
Not the end...

I am making all things new again

I remember when you were born
In that manger where I first held
You in my arms
So many miracles and lives you've changed
And this world repays you how?
With all this pain

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