Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Sorry bloggy friends...I have been in such a blogging FUNK lately.  Last week was crazy-busy at work, but this week has been slower...I just cant get into it.  I havent been reading as many blogs as I normally do, either.  I'll be back and have fun stuff to write about, I just needed a little break I guess. 

We are doing injectables and have had to go to the Dr every other day for the last week and a half to monitor the little follicles that are growing.  We had to go in the Saturday before Easter and I was super bummed that I couldnt be with family that weekend (a big chunck of my fam was in Searcy, AR at my grandparent's house for Spring Sing and Easter combined).  We were going to go, I even had a 3 day weekend, but had to stay b/c of my appointment.  I was so upset, but Ben made the weekend GREAT.  We had SO much fun together and made the weekend special for US!!!!  This past weekend, we saw Chris Tomlin with some friends.  It was an AMAZING time of praise and worship...SO SO SO needed!!!!!! 

Please keep us in your prayers as we are going through the next week...and the the 2 week wait after's been stressful, but we are trusting God for our future as well as our future babies. 

Thanks for sticking w/ me even when there's nothing to read!!!!
The girl w/ a bruised belly!!!!
(or maybe I should say "the girl who takes delight in her bruised belly")


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