Thursday, April 15, 2010

Beef fajitas, please!

OK, so if you ask this girl what her FAVE food is the FIRST thing that I'll say is this:
(and I am getting some YUMMY ones this weekend...SO excited!!!!)
That's right, I love these guys and can put away 4-5 lbs in a sitting.  And by sitting I mean "event" because anyone that has eaten craw fish knows that it's an "event" not just a quick meal with the fam.  And dont bring out that frozen stuff...if it's been frozen and then boiled, we can tell.  I like those places where you find rogue craw gish walking around when you go to the bathroom.  And there is NOTHING like the burn that stays on your lips for hours afterwards.
Oh, goodness, now I want crawfish...good thing I get some good ol' LA crawfish on SATURDAY!!

Anyway, that was a side bar.

The thing that I will follow up the question (fave foods) with is Mexican food.  I just love it.  It's always my #1 choice of places to go eat.  If it's up to me, it's Mexican, and more specifically:
Beef Fajitas!!!!

Ahh...I just love 'em.

Anytime we go to a new any Mexican restaurant, I order the beef fajitas.  I always say that I have to try them and that's my test on whether the restaurant is worthy to come back to or not.  It's all about the ranking.  When we try something new, Ben always asks "how does it compare to the others?"  So, today we ate Mexican for lunch (after my Drs appt w/ Dr P) and I had...say it with me...
So, I started thinking about my ranking.  Here's my quick list...

  1. NINFAS!!!!!!!

  2. Uncle Julios (my local fave)

  3. La Hacienda Ranch

  4. Iron Cactus

  5. Pasodos (its all about that garlic butter!!)

  6. Chuy's

  7. Pappasitos

  8. Blue Mesa

  9. On The Border

  10. Glorias

  11. Taco Bueno...y'all their fajita meat is GOOD!

  12. The local dives ("more authentic")(the meat tends to be lesser quality and over cooked) like Pancho & Leftys, Dos Charos, Plaze de la Familia, etc...
  13. Mi Cocina

  14. El Fenix
And can I just give a shout out to Pappasitos CHICKEN fajatas?!?!?!  I am a BEEF girl through and through, but I will choose chicken EVERY time over beef at Pappasitos!!!  LOVE IT!!!

What about you?  What is your fave food?  Or better yet, your FAVE place to get beef fajitas?!?!?!?!?  How would you rank your list?


Natalyia said...

Really?! No Blue Mesa?!! those sweet potato chips have to count for something ;)

~*Katie*~ said...

I so want Fajita's now!!! I'm your newest follower! I love your blog!! Looking forward to reading more...Come visit me if you would like! I'm having a week of giveaways!

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