Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools

OK, really, I got nothin'. 


I've HEARD of some good jokes...but never pulled any. 

-I DID leave a surprise for Ben in the pocket of his pants to find at work (he has 2 meetings today!!).

-I HEARD about a secretary attaching ALL her boss's paperclips together. 
BRILLIANT...I would be SO mad and throw them all away. 
I HATE an attached paper clip!!!

-I also read to fill the shower head w/ lemon drops (aka lemon heads) and when he gets out to dry off he's all sticky and the towell sticks to him.  SO FUNNY!!

UPDATE:  I just got an Easter egg @ work with LEMON HEADS in it.  OH, how am I going to pull this off TONIGHT!?!?!?  It's fate, right?!?

-I'm thinking about calling him on my way home and saying that I broke down and some scary looking guy stopped to help me.  And maybe something about putting oil in the wrong place in the car and it REALLY not starting.  But, I am SO bad about pulling those things off.  Especially to him...he knows me too well.

-A new one:  Tell your hubs (of friend) that a Mr. Lion called for him and give him the ## of the local zoo.  So, he calls the zoo and asks to speak to Mr. Lion!!!!  
-Or, read Natalyia's in the's similar, but not quite the same...still AWESOME, though!!!!!! 

I wish i were better at keeping a straight face...

What about you...ever pulled an AWESOME joke on April Fool's Day?!?!?

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Natalyia said...

I'm not real good at pulling off jokes either but my cousin posted an easy joke that his boss pulled on him. They told him to call back a Myra Maines but when he called her back, it was the Chief Medical Examiners Office. :) They hung up on him, lol.

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