Friday, March 26, 2010

Five Question Friday!!

OK, so I didnt make my goal last week.  Friday was INSANE!!!!  I left work early, met Beth and Francine (I'm going to assume that we're on 1st name basis now!!!), ran an errand, took dinner to baby Eli's family, ran home and had guests at my door 5 min later...and the last ones left at 1:30AM.  So, no FQF last week!!

Here we go!  Wanna join in the fun?  Just answer the questions on your blog, link back to me & mama m (grab the button off her blog), and join the blog hop.  There are 2 places to click...1 to leave your link on the list and 1 to get the code to put at the bottom so the list shows up on your people can HOP around!

Dont have a blog?  Just leave a "sweet thought" with your answers.  I love the new friends I have "met" through doing this!!!
My Little Life

Here are this week's questions:
1. Did you pass your driver's test on the first try?

2. What is your most embarrassing moment?
3. What TV show would you like to be on- Oprah, Biggest Loser, or What Not to Wear?
4. Would you ever get plastic surgery and what kind?
5. What are your favorite jeans to wear?

1. Did you pass your driver's test on the first try?
ISH.  Let me tell you about learning to drive:  In LA (where I grew up) you could get your license at age 15 with drivers ed, but couldnt get your permit until you were 16.  Awesome, right?  Apparently, "they" went down to change the laws and make it 16 and only got part of it changed.  SO, we could not legally "practice" before drivers ed.  My BFF, Kelly's, dad taught drivers ed through our school.  So, the week after I finished my freshman year, I was taking drivers ed.  What fun we had!!!!   We had to take a bunch of quizzes after learning certain chapters...well, my book had the answers written in we gathered around and just memorized the right answers before quiz time.  Awesome way to learn, right?!?  Part of Drivers Ed was the driving part, right?  So, we had to sign up for times.  Since we had connections, we got to be 1 of the 2 groups that got to drive THAT WEEK (so right after that week, we could get our license) we did our driving part right after class everyday.  OH THE STORIES!!!!!!!!!  I had only practiced in our neighborhood (which is a VERY SMALL neighborhood that you dont go to unless you live there, so not many cars!) my first time out, I had to pull onto the major highway (165) and go about 65.  Well, wouldnt you know it, it started raining.  SO BAD THAT I COULDNT SEE THE ROAD.  I was just following the white line.  It was AWFUL and I was almost in tears!!!  We finally get on some backroads and the rain stops.  We are driving down a 4 lane st and all of the sudden we feel and hear a horrible THUMP.  The other girls look back and the "driving student" triangle sign had flown off the top of the car.  They look back just in time to see it smashed by an 18 wheeler.  Awesome.  So, then I got to do a couple of U turns.  What a 1st day!!  Most days, we ended up picking up lunch and driving to Kelly's house.  We would eat and I would stay there w/ Kelly and he would take the other girls back to the school.  Oh the memories! 

Now, back to the driving test.  I was only 14 years old through all of this.  My Birthday is at the end of May and drivers ed was in between school getting out and my Birthday.  So, the day after I turned 15 Kelly, myself, plenty of other friends, and our moms go to the DMV.  SUPER PUMPED, right?  Well, what happens...I fail the written test.  WHAT?!?!?  You mean I didnt learn by cheating on those quizzes???  Kelly failed, too, so we left sure that the world was ending!!!!

Well, I only failed by 1 question...those things are worded WIERD, right?  So, I waited the proper ammt of time and went back and passes.  Then, passes my driving part, too!!  YIPPEE!!!  So, then I was set free.  A barely 15 year old w/ a license.  Awesome!

2. What is your most embarrassing moment?
Y'all, I dont even know.   I am sure that there are TOO MANY to even narrow down.  I was so ackward growing up and there were moments that I was sure I wouldnt live through...but they are so minor now.  And now, I am so clumsy that there are even MORE moments.  I dont know that this is the MOST embarrissing, but it's a funny one:

In October of '06 I was leaving school on a Friday afternoon.  My destination was to Academy to buy some SHORT shorts for Ben to wear to a Halloween party that night (see, we never got there, so we JUST got to recreate that outfit this year, remember?).  Anyway, the candle lady had been at school that day and I was walking out w/ my candle when I just dropped it and the glass shattered everywhere.  UGG.  So, I continue on my merry way (after cleaning it up and putting the wax part in a bag) with my arms full.  I had a lot that I was taking home with me.  I was wearing some clog-ish platforms.  They were slip ons that looked more like boots if the back was covered.  A basic closed toe black shoe..."clog" sounds so BAD!  So, I am walking out with my team partners & friends, Neely and Melanie.  We start walking down the STEEP stairs in front.  These stairs!  There's a ramp to one side and a rain in the middle.  So, most of the time, people walk in between the wall from the ramp and the rail.  Well, Neely took that side, Melanie took the other side of the rail and I was just on the open side.  When all of the sudden I trip (I THINK I stepped off me shoe?) and there is NOTHING to grab onto.  The things in my arms go flying and I remember looking at Melanie like "OH CRAP" and her saying "KRISTIIIIIIIIIIIIINAAAAAAAAAA..."  In those moments I was also thinking NOT to put my wrist down (I had wrist surgery in 2004 and knew better!), so instead I land directly on my forehead.  That's better, right?  I think I was thinking that I could tuck and roll out of it...but that didnt work so much.  Neely runs down to me and I am bleeding from the head, so Melanie runs back into the school to get help.  The school nurse was still there, so she comes out.  Apparently (I didnt black out, but I dont remember this) when it was just me & Neely, I kept saying "it's OK, I'm just going to go home" and "I'm fine.  Give me a minute and I can drive home."  I DO remember thinking it wasnt a big deal and that I could get up in a second.  Neely said she literally saw a knot come up like in the cartoons.  So, when Lori got out there she looked at the bleeding wound.  Sharon, our secretary, said "should I call?"  I said "no" and Lori said "YES!"  So, Sharon runs in and SECONDS later we hear sirens.  The EMT people took over from there.  I am just laying looking into the sun.  It was a windy day and the wind kept blowing my shirt up.  So, I was focused on holding it down.  It was "team" day and I was wearing an LSU 2003 championship shirt.  Anyway, a crowd had gathered.  My principal was at my side the whole time.  Neely had my phone and had called Ben.  I just wanted to talk to my mom.  The EMT people decide that I have to go to the ER and it has to be "big Baylor" downtown b/c of the head trauma.  So, the put me in a neck thing, on a backboard, tape my head down.  The works.  Neely gathers my stuff and puts some in the car and then brings my purse w/ her and she rides in the front of the ambulance.  Ben met us at the hospital, but I dont even know he's there b/c all I can see is the sky.  He and Neely (and Jennifer, who had come to take Neely back to the school) sit in the waiting room until Ben can come back.  They discuss a catheter and I beg them not too!  They discuss cutting me out of my shirt and I REALLY beg them not's not like I can just go buy another 2003 champoinship tee!  So, we are taken to a "room" of curtains and basically forgotten.  It was awful...apparently they had a bunch of code blues.  I do get a CT scan and x-rays of my wrists, leg, and jaw.  I got there before 5 and we didnt leave until after 11PM.

We had just done our first round of clomid with follicle monotoring and a trigger they did a pregnancy test and it came back + .  I knew that couldnt be right, but it was fun to think about...and they treated me better after that!  They came back and said that everything was fine...unstrapped me from everything, and sent me home.  While we were walking out I told Ben that everyone was going to be giving him NASTY looks b/c I looked like a battered wife.  My eye had swollen SHUT right away and I didnt even have my shoes to walk out in! 
Oh, these pictures!  I love them!!
Look how BIG the left side of my face was!!!!!  This was AFTER cleaning up all the dried blood.
The next eye is open and drugs make me smile!!

I can laugh about the situation now, because NOTHING happened...but those that were witnesses still have a hard time laughing.  It was more traumatic to SEE, I guess.  I will, however, never forget that pain of the blunt force to my head.  OUCH. 

3. What TV show would you like to be on- Oprah, Biggest Loser, or What Not to Wear?
I would like to be on Oprah's fave things, What Not to Wear, and some home design thing!!!! 

4. Would you ever get plastic surgery and what kind?
I had a b00b reduction in 2001.  I want another one.  I keep saying that after I have kids...I want every OUNCE of b. tissue taken out and a small implant put back in.  It's my dream!!!! 

Of course, we have to pay off the infertility CRAP first. 

When I have my c-section (s) (I have to b/c of previous surgeries) I wouldnt mind if he wanted to do a little tuck tuck tucking!!!!  And, I want new teeth!

5. What are your favorite jeans to wear?
The loose, soft, worn in, comfy kind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I do love the dress up an awesome pair of dark denim jeans...but man I love my baggy butt ones, too!!!!

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I love your answers! Your blog is too cute! Happy Friday!

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