Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Day with Thomas the Train

My sister (whom we call Sister),  nephew-Bryson, and my mom-The Nana, came to stay w/ me this weekend and we had a great time!  Bryson is the BIGGEST Thomas the Train fan around...seriously.

This is Clarabelle (named after Thomas's friend). 
She was Sister's purchase in Canton last weekend.  (This pic was taken last weekend)
She LOVES KK's Bow-Tique Bows
But then again, who doesnt?!?!
Clarabelle and Rustee took a while to warm up.
I love how she is in the planter to be taller!!!
Poor scruffy Rustee Blue...he's getting a hair but on Friday.  I'll post before and after pics!
A boy and his dog.
Bryson's fixing to get tatted up.
We went to the gift shop and The Nana bought him a "Duck."

All weekend he said "and I got a Duck."
He was sying "Choo Choo"

They had a tent set up with train tables.  He was in HEAVEN.
Then he found a James to play with.  He said "I'm getting a James for my Birthday."
Watching Thomas pull up.
I love the look on his face watching Thomas!
Walking down to get on the train.
All aboard!
He said "I'm sceered" to sit by the window.
Tickets please.
The group...cause you know it takes 3 adults to take the 1 child to see Thomas the train.
Looking at Thomas...waiting to get close.
Biting Duck.
Now biting Mom.
This is my fave of the day!  Look at the awwwwww of seeing Thomas!
What cooperation looks like when you're almost 3.
There were MANY meltdowns seen that day (by many people!)
LOVE this pic!!!
We didnt wait in line to get his pic made w/ Sir Topem Hat...he was cranky (shock, right?)...but we looked at him.  And he was CREEPY!!!!!
Headed to the car!  "Come on KK"
One tired boy and one tired The Nana.
Reading "Green Eggs and Ham" which he can quote with you.

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