Friday, February 12, 2010

Super Treats!

We are SO blessed to have a wonderful Bible class at church.  We have the greatest friends and have so much fun getting together with everyone!!  The Super Bowl was no exception.  We had a party and I couldnt decide what to take.  So, we ended up taking Paula's corn dip, a new chili dip, Ben's homemade salsa, and no bake Saints petit fores. 

Check it out:

I dont have pics of Ben's salsa...but he is so proud of it.  It's VERY yummy, I might add.  He doesnt know ammounts, but puts canned tomatoes, Rotel, green chilis, jalapenos, green & red peppers, cilantro, onions, chili powder, sugar, cumin...

Paula's Corn Dip:
The players
Chips (scoops work the best!)
2 cans of corn drained
1 can green chilis, drained
8 oz sour cream
1 cup miracle whip (mayo is pictured, but I corrected my mistake and used miracle whip)
1 bag cheddar cheese
1 bag monterey jack cheese
jalapenio to taste (I used 3 to 4 slices), diced
3 green onions, sliced all the way down
Mix and enjoy (make the night before and let the flavors mix!)

EASY Skillet Chili Dip
(I made up that name...I saw this recipe somewhere and wanted to try it)
It's SUPER easy and was a crown pleaser for SURE!
The Players
2 8oz bars of cream cheese
press into the bottom of a skillet (or oven safe pan)
2 cans of chili
(I want to try it with homemade!!)
spread it on top of cream cheese
Bake at 350 for 30 minutes or so
(the recipe said to heat the chili on the stove first, but whatever...I didnt!)

Take it out of the oven and cover generously with cheddar cheese
Return to oven to melt (10 min?)
Then cut up green onions on top

No Bake Super Cute Petit Fores
I saw this on MckMamma's blog and wanted to try it. 
They were more cute than tastey, but it was SUPER easy and worth trying again!!!!

The players
Oreo Cakesters
Pre-made fondant icing
(I have white and black and made yellow by adding food color to the white)
rolling pin
I used a large biscuit cutter
(I used colored sugar, sugar footballs, and chocolate sprinkles)
Roll out fondant, cut into circles w/ biscuit cutter, and wrap around the cakesters
To make the sprinkles stick, mix a small ammt of Karo with water and paint onto the fondant where you want the sprinkles to stick.  Then, roll the cakes in the sprinkles.
I didnt have black writing icing, so it's in yellow
I love that Ben giggles everytime I say "petit fores"
SAINTS WIN SUPERBOWL 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
We had a GREAT night and the win made it even better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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