Thursday, February 11, 2010

Showers and Kids

2 weeks ago, my friend Courtney had a baby shower to welcome baby Eli into the world.  I had just gotten my camera a few days before and had a blast taking pics!!

(wearing the "bow from the corsage...see below)


Sara, Tristan, and Courtney
Courtney is married to Sara's brother

His room will be an outdoor theme

She wore a KKs corsage:

It deconstructs and turns into a bow and a pacifier holder (the brown/cream dots)
The bow part

I LOVED getting shots of my friend's kiddos:

(she posed for this one!)



Rachel...sporting her KKs flower, band, and small pacifier clip

Rachel Kate and her mamma, Amber

Savannah and Samantha

Savannah and Samantha practicing for their siblings on the way
(Houston-who is here now!, and Lilly Kate)

Samantha's the BEST!!!

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