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Show Us Your Ministry

Kelly, at Kelly's Korner, hosts a "Show Us Your Life" blog hop each Friday. 

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

Like FQF, people link up and you can easily hop from one blog to another reading everyone else's stories.  I ALWAYS want to participate, but I am a slacker when it comes to taking pics and posting them in a timely manner.  Sorry!!!  Either I post at work and my pics are at home or vice versa.   HOWEVER, today is about "Show Us Your Ministry" and I can jump on this one!  I have several things I want to talk about.  I am going to show you all my blogging ministry as well as my work ministry and hope that you can find some help/peace through one of these ministries.  Please feel free to write about yours, even if you dont have a blog (leave a comment) and link up by following the instructions below ALL those names.  Then, have fun hopping around to read what the others have to say.

I was scared to DEATH to start my blog.  I read MANY blogs and always said "I will start one when we have kids" but that never happened.  I used to read so many blogs about girls struggeling with infertility and think how strong they were to throw it all out there like they did, but never thought I could be that brave/vulnerable.  Our CLOSE friends knew were were trying and the number of people started growing (mostly b/c of my mom) but Ben's parents still didnt even know.  I was so guarded about talking about it.  I held onto it and didnt want to seem weak in anyone's eyes.  Blogging became my way of LETTING GO and letting God take over and have control of all the junk we were going through.  I wrote my first blog and talked about s*x and b00bs and put it out there.  I immediantly wanted to go snatch it back and never write again.  But, at the same time, felt like I had let out a big breath and I began to get a lot of encouragement and prayers from people that I knew and some that I didnt/dont know. 

I am STILL not the best at talking about my feelings. When it comes to prayer requests at church, I stay quiet.  When it comes to the FEELINGS that I have, I stay quiet.  I HATE to cry.  But, you see, something that my sisters and I all inherited from my mom & her side of the family is crying.  When we have to talk about something serious or pray out loud for something serious, we cry.  Cant help it.  We all do it.  Mom, aunts, cousins, can get ugly fast!  But, what I inherited from my dad is the stubborness to NOT cry.  It's a battle, I tell you!!  So, I just dont talk about it.  However, my blog became somewhere that I can WRITE about it and get my feelings out in the open. 

Want to talk about procedures, shots, eggs, sperm, IUI...?  Fine.  No problem.

Want to talk about feelings, emotions, anger, faith...?  Nope.  Read the blog. 

So, to all you girls who were writing before me...thank for being an encouragement and getting out there and making me comfortable to share my story.  Thank you for making to OK to talk about!  Thanks for leading the way.  And, I hope that my blog can one day help others who are going through the same thing...I pray to God that they dont have to go through it...but want to be an encouragement if they do. 

So, as most readers know....we have been trying to get pregnant since April of 2006 when I had a Laperoscopy (no, I'm not going to re-hash it all here...feel free to read the links on the top right about our "journey" to get here).  I was on clomid 3 months later, was monitored, and had IUIs.  In May of 2007, found out I was anemic and in June 2007 had major open surgery to remove a TON of fibroids from my uterus (which resembled a bag of pea gravel).  Ended up in a cast on my leg, got a blood clot and couldnt try for 6 months while on blood thinners.  Since then, we are seeing an AMAZING Dr and have been on many meds and had MANY procedures and surgeries to remove more fibroids. 

It's all sucked. 


We are waiting to start BCPs for a month and will then hopefully start a round of injectable meds and do an IUI.  We pray that this works and that we are blessed with a little one...or more.  We just want to be a family!!  We are praying that God openly show us what we need to's been 4 years and we are OBVIOUSLY missing I am praying that he smack me over the head with whatever it is and that I dont miss Him in the whispers! 

Now, onto my work!! 
ChristianWorks for Children is a non-profit agency located in North Dallas, TX.  ChristianWorks is the "parent" name, but there are 4 ministries under ChrsitianWorks:

AdoptionWorks is a full service adoption agency.  While we used to only do domestic infant adoptions, we now also offer assistance with international adoptions.  Here are pics of both:

We are a small agency, so our waiting families AND birth mothers feel cared for and are truely loved by all of us here!  Here is a video that was made by the family in the first picture.

Adoption Story - AdoptionWorks from ChristianWorks for Children on Vimeo.

I ACTUALLY work for CounselingWorks.  I am the program coordinator as well as one of our 11 counselors.  We have GREAT counselors and offer counseling on a sliding scale fee.  Most of our counselors are here in the evenings, so we can find a time that is convenient for our clients to come in.  Whe a client calls, it is me that they talk to and I set them up with their counselor.  Some of the services offered are:  individuals, marital counseling, premarital counseling, anxiety, depression, play therapy, and more.  We have programs with area churches and businesses where they pay for a certain ## of hours and the members of their church or employees only pay a $20 co-pay to come for counseling.  These clients take up 50% of our caseloads.  Even churches with counseling centers have sponsorships b/c we can offer evening appointments and b/c people are so scared of beeing "seen" at the church going to counseling.  This offers them an off-site location where there is less of a chance of being seen.

Our dear friends, Tim & Leah (read about her story HERE and HERE) have been helped by our counseling ministry and talk about it in this video:
Tim and Leah's Counseling Story from ChristianWorks for Children on Vimeo.

I LOVE our GriefWorks program!  Ben and I both volunteer on Tuesday nights and are so blessed each week.  GriefWorks is a FREE service for children ages 5-18 and their families who have experienced a loss through death.  FREE.  The groups meet 2 times a month either on Tuesdays or Thursdays and begin at 6:30 with a home cooked meal.  2 area churches provide meals EVERY time we meet.  And let me tell you, these meals are FABULOUS!!!!!  I look forward to them each time we meet!!!!  A lot of our families are now single parent households and it's easier to come when a meal's provided.  After dinner, the kids are separated into age appropriate groups and their parents go to an adult group.  The kid's rooms are all specially decorated and painted for their ages.  They are a LOT of fun!

Watch a night at GriefWorks.  (Ben talks in this video)
An Evening with GriefWorks from ChristianWorks for Children on Vimeo.
Here are a few pics that I took at our annual picnic:
The one above was printed in an issue of "Dallas Child" magazine...does that make me a published photographer?
Above is a picture of Katie.  Hear Katie's story in this video:
Katie's Story of Grief - GriefWorks from ChristianWorks for Children on Vimeo.

A new thing that GW will be a part of this year is Camp Erin.  We were chosen to host Camp Erin Dallas Fort Worth.  Camp Erin is a FREE 3 day camp for grieving kids that is help all around the US and is a part of the Moyer Foundation.  Info should be available on the CW website soon, but until then, look at the links above!  Check it out!

GriefWorks is also having 2 events in April.  Dr Alan Wolfelt from the Center for Loss in Colorado
is coming and presenting 2 different times:
-Tuesday April 6th in the evening he will be presenting a free event for the community and 
-Wednesday April 7th he will be conducting a professional seminar, CEU's will be provided
See the information on location, rimes, and cost of professional event HERE

KidWorks is our newest program and is simalar to GriefWorks.  The difference is that it is for children, ages 5-18, and their parents that are going through the loss of a marriage, or divorce.  (KID stands for Kids In Divorce).  They meet for 8 week sessions on Mondays and the sessions run 3 times a year.  Like GriefWorks, the kids are separated into age appropriate groups and the parents go to an adult group.  After the 8 weeks, they are more than welcomed to go through the program again...or we can offer them the individual counseling from CounselingWorks.

I am so blessed to be in an organization that serves the people in our community while showing them God on a daily basis.  We just want to get our information out INTO the community so that people know where to turn if they are faced with a trial.  I hope you take the time to click through the links above and find out more about us!!!


Allyson said...

Thank you for sharing your heart and about your ministries! God Bless!

Melissa and Cas said...

What great ministries! I would love to adopt one day! I have been following you and I pray that you will have that baby soon!

The Pifer's said...

What a wonderful blog!!!

Infertility is such a hard journey, it has it's up and it's's a path that God only trust with certain people...

Adoption has been heavy on our hearts lately...

Brooke said...


You have made a bow for me in the past and I will always keep you at the top of my list when I need that special bow. I thought I may have known you at ACU, but I don't think I did. I grew up at Saturn Rd, so I we know many of the same people. Saying all of that, I love following your blog because you are so honest about everything. I am really rooting for you as you try to expand your family. Because of your blog and others', I appreciate my child and the life of the one inside me much more. I may never know or understand anything about what it is like to fight infertility, but know that I care. Please understand that if I ever post anything that offends you, I was trying to be encouraging; I may just not know how to say it correctly.

Beth Forbus said...

What an amazing heart you have! You may not want to share your emotions, but you must have heart made of pure gold.

I found your blog on Kelly's Korner. I've also gone through infertility and know the crazy struggle it can be. I was also one that didn't want to just put it all out there--didn't want to cry in front of people, didn't want to put my emotions on display. I'm so glad you've taken a chance on blogging! I know this is a difficult season of your life, but you'll get through it. God knows just what you need when you need it.

I wanted to let you know about Sarah’s Laughter, the ministry God gave me through my own struggle with infertility. We’d love to encourage you as you continue on your journey, and offer you our support however we can. Our Daily Double Portions are encouraging devotions we send every day to build you up and uplift you as you face the daily struggle of infertility. If there’s anything Sarah’s Laughter can do for you, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We care about you and your journey.

Brandy said...

I think you do amazing work, I've thought about getting into that field, I actually live in Dallas as well! Good luck with everything!


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