Saturday, January 9, 2010

525,600 Surgeries

OK, so maybe it hasnt been THAT many surgeries, but it sure feels like it sometimes!  Especially when I have to run down the list w/ the nurses.  I alway say "are you ready...?" 

-May 2002 bre.ast reduction
-Nov. 2004-right wrist
-April 2006-lap (start TTC)
-June 2007-open Myomectomy
-March 2009-Histeroscopy #1
-May 2009-Histeroscopy #2

Now, I can add one more:

-January 2010-Histeroscopy #3

Thursday was SUCH a cold and blustery day!!  Ben and I had PLANNED to go into work that morning b/c my surgery wasnt until 1, but when we woke up and saw the traffic and the ice we decided to sleep a little longer and go straight to the surgi-center.  It went so smoothly!  There were not many people there.  Maybe 2 other families in the waiting room.  The male nurse we talk to was super nice (and he was wearing an Alabama shirt, so we were fine talking to him.  Not that we are 'Bama fans...but SEC.  EVERYTIME!)  Anyway, I was called back soon and as I was walking back, Dr P was coming out to talk to another family out there already.  He said "I'll see you soon!"

So, they took me back and show me the lockers and dressing rooms (TINY bathroom stalls w/ no toilets).  I had 1 histeroscopy here before, so I was dreading this!  I'm in this TINY room where I can barely lift my elbows and I have to put on these compression socks up to my thighs, slipper socks, and the gown. 

OK...have you EVER tried to put on compression socks?!?!?  I had to wear them for 6 months after my DVT, so I have my tricks...but goodness, a girl needs some ROOM to do her panty-hose dance!!!!  I was breathing SO hard by the time I walked out.  I was worn out!!!  And what do they do first...but take my blood pressure, of course!!  It wasnt pretty...I told them it was their fault and she laughed at me.  Ben came back and wasnt there long.  The anisthesiologist came back started my IV and then Dr P came.  My surgery was scheduled for 1, but I walked back before 12:30.

Of course the next thing I know is that I am waking up.  The nurses always have to tell me "Kristina, take a deep breath" over and over.  I ate some ice and was finally able to keep my eyes open, so they were moving me to a chair to roll me over the the stage 2 recover where Ben could come back.  Here's where it stopped being so pretty.  From this point on, I kept gettng SO sick.  Everytime I moved the nurses said I just turned GREY and felt horrible.  I got lots of pain meds and lots of anti-nausia meds.  They took my apple juice and crackers away from me :(  I was in recovery for a LONG time.  Finally, around 4:30, I told Ben you have GOT to step out and call my mom (I knew she would be freaking out b/c it was so late...but Ben was following the rules and turned our phones off).  The nurse said he could he called and I got up and actually felt OK, so they said I could get dressed and go home!  YEAH!!  We got home around 5:40.

Ben put me to bed and went to the store to get some necessities, like Hawaiian Punch, pain meds, and other necessities.  He asked if I needed anything else and I said "peanut M&M's are always nice."  So, he got those, too!!  Leah brough YUMMY dinner over.  Ben was nervous to let me eat too much b/c I had been SO sick, but I WOLFED down 1 enchelada and asked for more.  I felt better after eating! 

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday have been some of the COLDEST days.  EVER.  (ever. EVER. ever.) 


It's been SO nice to be able to cuddle up in my bed and in my PJs and just BE HERE w/ Ben!!!  I have loved it!!  He's been always!  (except for when he didnt get up Friday morning to help me take meds and I forgot to eat something...and got sick again...since then, he's been overly doting, though!).

Anyway, not that you needed a blow by blow...

As for the went GREAT.  Dr P said that there was 1 fibroid that he took out and there was a small one beind it, so he took it out, too.  There was a pollyp from a previous surgery that he took out.  He also said that my uterus had gotten some sort of bottle neck in he did something and it looks normal now.  Ben said that he could even tell in the pics that it looks a lot better.  And...

NO IUD!!!!!!!!!!

The last thing I said to Dr P was NO IUD...and he listened!!!!!  Thanks!!!!  I feel really good about this surgery.  I think it was a good thing and my uterus is prob better now than it was.  So, I have a post op on Wed and we will go from should be a couple of weeks and we can start the meds again and finally GET PREGNANT!!! 

Thanks for all your prayers!!!!!!

Oh, and I woke up this morning when the doorbell rang...and Ben's boss sent me flowers.  How sweet is that!?!?!?!  They said "From your family at Halff."  They made me happy!!!!!  The biggest thing about these surgeries for me is the guilt.  I will be fine...but I feel bad that BEN has to go through all of this and that BEN has to sit and worry, and guilty that BEN miss work, and guilty that I have to miss work.  But, God has shown me through little things like the flowers (and the fact that MY boss was at the UT/Bama game in CA) not to worry about the little things.  He's taken care of it all for us! 



Julie said...

I think your blog is so cute! Also wanted to say that we struggle with infertility for 5 years and now have 4 children, 3 bio and 1 adopted. Weeping may last for a moment but Joy comes in the morning. Praying that this surgery is a success and that you are given the desire of your heart!

TAMMY said...

Glad everything turned out good. Hope you have a quick recovery!

Kendra said...

Glad it went well!

Saw that you went to Harding. Had to say that I went to Ouachita Baptist. Small world! My bro lives outside Dallas in Rowlett, but now a days who DOESN'T live outside of Dallas? Take care!

*Courtney* said...

Oh Kristina, I'm so glad to hear that the surgery went well. We are praying for you and Ben and hope that you will start the meds soon and be preggo soon after. I miss seeing you, so keep us updated through the blog!

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