Sunday, January 17, 2010

Our little game

I dont know how it started, but Ben and I have this little game in the car. 
We usually end up playing while driving through downtown Garland or something. 

I THINK it all started when we saw a restaurant called "Wok of Fame." 
So, now, while we are driving we try to come up with funny "wok" restaurant names. 
(Some of these may be real, but we dont know that.) 

Here are some of our faves:

-Wok n' Roll
-Wok the Line
-Wok in the Park
-Wok on in
-Wok around the Clock
-Hard Wok Cafe
-On the BoardWok
--or just "BoardWok"
-Wok like an Egyptian
-Wok in the Park

And my ALL TIME, #1 Fave:


Get it?  HA!

Can you think of any more?


*Courtney* said...

Literally can't think of anymore 'wok' things right at the moment...but I wanted to tell you that the bow/paci clip that you made for my baby shower today was ADORABLE! You are soooo talented and I just loved it so much.

Michelle C said...

This is not a Wok one, but I think "Crabs, we got them" should be on every list.

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