Sunday, January 24, 2010

He doesn't even know...


(not the greatest pic, sorry Hon!)

...doesnt even know what an AWESOME daddy he's going to be one day!

Thursday night we baby sat these 2:


& Addison.

They will be 3 in March and we just love them to pieces!!!  We have been around them CONSTANTLY for a couple of years now.  To them, we are "Ben and KK."  They just ADORE Ben and it just melts me heart!  They are very clingy to their mamma lately, so it was fun to have them to our selves for a little while.  While I took care of things like putting dinner on the table, filling cups, giving baths, getting PJs, making potty runs, etc...Ben just got to enjoy playing. 

I love the way he talks to them and laughs at (and with) them.  I love the way he looks at me when they do something cute and we share a smile.  I love the way that we both have a hard time disciplining them b/c they are so stinkin cute.  I love the way his eyes shine while we are there.  I love that he helps Addison put puzzles together so patiently and throws the ball over and over with Glade.  I just love watching him interact...especially when it's JUST US...he really comes out and participates a lot more.  I think he gets intimidated when others are around.  And, I love that after we gave them a bath and put them to bed Ben sat on the couch to read and wanted me to snuggle with him.  It was the perfect end to the night. 
I cant wait to see him in action with OUR kids.  He's going to be WONDERFUL.

God, please, make it soon!


Stephanie said...

Still praying!!!!!

Melissa and Cas said...

I love reading your blog. What a sweet story. Men always seem to "get into kids" more when they don't have a public audience! I pray that you will be blessed with lots of little ones!

Leah said...

Aww! I wish I could see them interact with ya'll when I'm not there. They are so different (or so I am told) when we are not around! I am glad that they love ya'll so much cause we do too. We are praying every night!

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