Wednesday, December 9, 2009

You really don't need this...

So, "BooMama" and 4 other AWESOME bloggers are giving away THIS AWSOME COMPUTER from HP.  In order to get an extra entry, I have to blog about it. 

In reality, I DON'T want you to check it out and I DON'T want you to enter. 

But, I guess I must share the check it out!!  

--Check out BooMama's raving review HERE

--Check out MckMama HERE.

--Check out Stephanie's Totally Together Giveaways HERE.

--Check out Kelly's review HERE.

--Check out NieNie's review HERE.   

Enter (OR DONT!!!!) for all of them!!

Here's a little preview of BooMama's:
"It’s essentially the same size as a flat-screen TV. In fact, it can work as a TV – you just plug in your cable and you’re good to go. It can also work as a DVR (CAN I GET AN AMEN?) or a BluRay movie player."

Do I need this?  Yes, please!!  Well, not really...but how awesome would this be?!?  I think I would have to put it in the bedroom and move the little 24 inch clunker that we have in there out.  Ben and his "online grad school classes" and UK basketball games on the internet dominate our computer time at home. 

Pick me, pick me, pick me...


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