Saturday, December 19, 2009

What a difference an A makes.

Oh, Ben. 
He makes me so proud and so sick all at the same time.  This boy has NEVER had a his LIFE.  Goodness.  He graduated Top Engineering student at Texas Tech in 2003.  TOP ENGINEERING STUDENT.  Like, out of ALL the programs.  Thousands of people.  Goodness.  He makes me proud!

So, he's started grad school this semester.  I've always had a leg up on him b/c I FINISHED grad school (with TWO degrees) in 2006.  So, now he has to try to catch up.  Goodness sakes, this semester has about KILLED me.  Yes, me.  (it's my blog, so it's all about me, right?)  We were married his Sr year at Tech, but I guess I forgot how much this boy studies.  Goodness!  He's only taking ONE class.  It meets 2 times each week and he just watches the class online.  He only has to go INTO class to take the 2 tests.  Along with the 2 tests, he had a paper and a major project.  The time and research that went into those projects is CRAZY.  I kept asking him "are you SURE everyone else is getting this in depth?"  I just cant believe that everyone else put that much work into it.  It was INSANE.  But, my boy's got to have an A.

Oh, the conversations that we have had through this semester!  When I was in grad school I took TWO classes each semester (only 1 day per week, though)...but my book stayed in my car from week to week.  I studied a couple of nights b/f the test w/ 2 of my friends and wrote some kickin' papers.  I made B's.  I was FINE with this.  If I could still have a LIFE and have FUN with my book in my car and pull a B...I was DEEEE-LIGHTED.

So, does that make me smarter than Ben?  Does Ben HAVE to study to get that A?  I asked him what he would make if he put the effort that I would into it.  He said a C.  So, am I smarter?  He says that it's comparing apples and oranges b/c counseling and engineering are so different.  I say PHOOEY.  I had to study harder in high school and college for the "wordy" subjects (Lit, History, Science) and just GOT math.  I love math and I always loved TEACHING math.  I could've been an engineer...I just chose not to!  Whatev.

This is what Ben did over ThankMas to finish up his final project:

Mr. Social Butterfly himself!

So, he has made high A's and then turned in this project.  He of course made an...say it with A.  He figured out the other night that for his final, he only had to make a 52 to keep his A.  To make a B, he only had to make a 4 (he then ammended this to say a 16).  I told him that I would pay him SOOOOO well *ahem* if he would write his name on that paper, answer 2 or 3 questions and walk out.  I would LOVE it.  I wonder how he would react to making a B?  How would I react if me hame a B?  I might be a bit sad for him!  But, I would love it for ME!  After he told me that was all he had to make I said "awesome, now you dont have to study" to which he replied "no.  I'm still going to study."  HUH?  Wierdo.

Needless to say...he got his grades yesterday and he made an:
Are we surprised?  No.  Impressed?  Yes.  Sickened?  Yes.
(I want to know the NUMBER that goes with that A...seriously, he worked that hard for a generic A...I need to see a 98 or something please.  Otherwise, let's put less effort in and make a 91 next time!)

But, he didnt take the no payoff for him!

I'm still proud of him, though!!

a neglected grad-school wife.

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