Wednesday, December 16, 2009

ThanksMas Time

(This post is SO late.  I almost just skipped it...but it needed to be posted. 
Sorry for the delay. 
Work got busy and then I got sick.)

This is my family (minus 5)...we look so normal, right?!?  (just agree!)
Well, let me tell you...this is the strangest, wierdest, most annoying, loving, LOUD, funny, close group of people.  We may complain...and we may talk about each other...but we do love each other. 

We are starting to see that that Spillman blood runs
DEEP and the generations are just repeating themselves. 
It's scary!!

Here's how it went down:

There was food:

and LOTS of it

these last 2 pics are just of the dessert tables!

MaMa and her "mini-me's"

even the babies wated in on the eats (Tyson after a cake ball!)

There were games:

(it's not Nertz until someone's standing!)

mom and her sister, Kathy

(and you know it's a GOOD game if blood's drawn)

she was concentrating

we even let the in-laws play!

Paige was so proud of Justin!

but then shocked by her MIL on her other side!

Joy...the newbie...pressure's on...

There was a new BAAAABY, Whitley,
the only great-grandaughter:

Whitley and her daddy. 
We are not sure that he's doing this right...his FIL was
SURE to be over in a second to tell him how to do it right.

See, Uncle Steve making sure HIS mom was doing it right!
(we nicknamed him the "hovercraft"  just watch)

Whitley loves a KK's bow!

He finally stole her...

Uncle Steve says "Whatcha gonna do about that?"

PaPa's turn
We ALL have pics of us w/ PaPa holding us like this


So special!

a little scary...but classic!  Cant you just hear him...

Steph even got a turn!
(this is the part where my dad walked by and said "looks good on you, Steph."  HUH?  She said, "did you just give me permission to get pregnant?"  We ALL heard it, Feff, we got your back.  Go get pregnant!)
We know why you REALLY wern't there last were sent away.  Admit it. 

There were other great grandkids, too, 
Max, Wes, Tyson, and Bryson:

(Tyson likes KK's bows, too!)

Bryson (with The Nana...AKA the ORIGINAL hovercraft)

There was down time:

(I love this pic SO much...oh how it makes me smile!)

The newlyweds!

Who knows what happened...but we get into trouble.  A LOT.
(I'm sure something inappropriate was said)

(Ben's very social)

looking for the GOODS for Black Friday!

There was a cousin run-away:
(for some red meat!)

MiRach wasnt ready for a table for we sat at 2 tables.

Jules likes to have her pic taken!

Yes, we matched.  It was for the pics!

After eating...we sent Ben w/ Wade and Whitley and Jules came with us.  So, in my car it was me, Feff, M, Kelsie, Amber, and Julie.  We went to "Heart and Soul" where I spent some of my ThanksMas $$ from Mama.  I also gave the girls a lesson on ways to tie a scarf.  In the middle of the store. 
These people need to understand that there are Spillmans in here...get out of our way!! 

Then we had a great time singing in the car on the way back.  Well, Feff and I did.  The others got a glimpse into our surround sound since Feff was in the WAY back and I was driving.  (we tend to bust out into our own versions...but our own versions are always the same...then we laugh hysterically.  It was just getting good when we got back to the church!) 

Oh sisters!
There were gifts:

There were group pics:
(I'll spare you and just show the highlights and big groups.  But we were there a WHILE getting each family unit, each NEW family, blah, blah...)

MaMa and her brother, Uncle Jerry

MaMa and PaPa

with 5 of their 6 kids

add spouses

with all but 2 grandkids

5 great grand kids.  LOVE this one!

With the single ladies...

There was singing:
(no NEW songs...thanks to Justin for the 2nd year in a row...your FIRED)

pretty sure this is where PaPa was cutting up singing "In the sweet by and by..."

He likes to add his own part about "give me some pie..." and gets to laughing really hard. It's great!

MarMar was trying to contain him!
And then there's Wes in the front...

Max sleeping

Bryson led us in "Shout Hallelujah"

This is Amber...she has a sassy little mouth on her! 

But, she's just like Feff-who's just like me-who is just like my Aunt Kathy (Amber's mom)'s the Spillman cycle.
(we used to add that Aunt Kathy was just like my mom (Aunt Tricia) who is just like MaMa...
but we cut those 2 out.  We are our own cycle now. 

Michelle, Mom, & MaMa have one going...they are all MaMa. 

As well as PaPa, Uncle Steve, Mom, and Warren...we call them "the Harvey Jrs" after my PaPa. 

How my mom ended up as MaMa and PaPa, I dont know...but it's so true!) 

(this may not make since to you...but it does to us!)


A TRUE Spillman LOVES their Turkey Burgers!!!!!!!!

You take some little bits of turkey, put it in a hot pan of melted butter and fry it up a bit.  In another pan, slather butter on hamburger buns and toast/fry them.  Put it together w/ cheese (and mayo on mine, please) and you have a little piece of heaven on a plate!!!! 
Let's skip the big meal and go straight to the Burkey Turgers, please!!

True love!

There was fun had by all:

(especially Feff!  ...and all the "late night crew!!!")

We truely are blessed to be a part of a Christian family...where we are ALL Christians and all truely love each other.  Even if we talk and get annoyed with each other sometimes!  What a blessing it is!!!

Let's do it again next year, kids!

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