Monday, December 7, 2009

Praying for Leah

Today I am praying for Leah.

Today, Leah was supposed to be having Ethan.
(see my post about her loss HERE)

Today, she is instead having 2 frozen embryos "transferred" to begin the process again.

Today, she is mourning a great loss and praying for a miracle. 

Today, she is trying to have faith, but terrified to hurt again.

Today, she is praying for a miracle and pushing away the doubts ("what ifs") that creep in.

Today, she is hopeful but scared to death to be "too" hopeful.

Today, she is trying to be strong. 

Today, I am in AWE at the woman of FAITH that I see in front of me!

Today, I am mourning not being able to rush to the hospital and hold her son. 

Today, I am praying with everything that I have for those babies!

Today, I am thanking God for the sweet friend that has had such an impact on me!

Today, she is unaware of the impact she has had on so many.

Today, she is hurting...but also hoping.

Today, she begins a new chapter...without finishing one that she had no control of. 

Today, she leans on GOD alone.

Today, Leah is my hero!

Today is Leah's day for a miracle!!

Today, please pray for Leah with me!
Go HERE or HERE to show her some bloggy love!

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