Tuesday, December 22, 2009

ICE! ICE! and Babies

Saturday, we set out on an adventure!

Ben and Leah's husband, Tim, headed to Arlington to go to the UT/North Carolina basketball game at the cowboy stadium.  I think that the game was at 12:30 or something.  They didnt have tickets, so they left around 10AM.  I had to wait at home for my meds to come Fed Ex...someone had to be there to sign for them.  So, I got up while Ben was still there so that I wasnt in the shower when they came.  After Ben left, I did a few things around the house, but basically just waited.  They got to the house right at 12.  My next check off my list was Christmas shopping.  I had done NONE.  NONE.  So, I set off to a few places to get what I needed.  I was FAIRLY successful, just running late because of all the stinkin traffic and people.  Goodness gracious...it was a mad house...especially at Firewheel.

See, M and Bryson were coming in today and they were getting to the house at about 3:30.  Then we were going to meet up with Leah and her 2 babies and then ride with them to see it ICE! exhibit at the Gaylord Texan in Grapevine.  We would meet the boys there.

So, I get back to the house at abour 3:45 and M and Bryson are there and ready to go.  We leave and get to Leah's around 4.  Her babies are still napping.  So, she got them up and dressed and we headed out at about 4:30. 
(the boys got out of the game around 3:30 and the phone calls were already beginning...)

I had been in contact w/ a lady from craigslist about a gift for Bryson (dont judge, I couldnt find it anywhere!) and she lived near Grapevine.  So, I had called her and we were going to swing by the Bass Pro to get it from her.  Well, the boys got to Grapevine around that time and so we had THEM go to Bass Pro to meet this lady.  This of course takes numerous phone calls.  She then calls me back and says that her husband took it OUT of her car...so she doesnt have it.  So, we call the boys and tell them to just go to the Gaylord and get tickets and we would meet them there!  The lady calls and says that she's going home to get the gift and would bring it to us at the Gaylord.

The boys THEN call and say that the Gaylord is INSANE and that it took them 30 min just to get into the parking garage so we should just valet.  They THEN call back to say that the shows are sold out until 9PM.  It is now 5:30.  We, we discussed just eating there and walking around.  But we had already planned to take the kids to the Rainforrest Cafe at the mall.  AND, we knew the Gaylord would be crowded.  So, we are headed to valet and call the boys and tell them that THEY are just going to get the tickets and climb into our car (Ben had to sit b/t the 2 carseats in the back seat and Tim had to share the VERY back with the double stroller!) and we would wait for them at valet.  Ben then calls AGAIN and tells us to go to another entrance, but that he doesnt know which one, maybe near the convention center stuff.  So, I call the lady and tell her that the ICE! parking is INSANE and that we dont know where we are or where we are going, but we THINK we are headed to the convention center entrance.  The boys call back and say it's going to be 20-30 min to get the tickets.  We told them we were parked and not moving.  So, I call the lady and she says "is that you behind me?"  Why, yes it was!  How that happened...I have NO idea!!  But, I got the gift and the shopping is now DONE!

So, we wait 20 minutes or so and the boys come out and CRAM into the 'burb.  We drive to the mall and eat at the Rainforrest cafe.  Tim dropped us off at the front door and went to park the car.  It took us about an hour to get out of the car!!  There was no wait...so that was awesome!

The kids LOVED the animals...but loved the rain behind our seats even more!!

Their first date!

These 2 were a MESS!

They just laughed and laughed

Bryson kissing the turtle.

Glade being a stinker!

Addison's turn

What does a fish say?

Glade and his frog

Addison's butterfly

Love this pic!  Look at Glade!

So, we run to the car (that Tim had pulled up)

and cram back in...except this time Leah was in the very back!
We get back to the Gaylord around 8 and find another parking garage and easily park and walk into the buildging near where the exhibit is.  Tim and Leah put their 2 in a double stroller.  We take our scarves, gloves, and hats in with us!  It is SO crowded.  We walk around parts of the hotel and look around.  PARTS...that place is MASSIVE.  Tim went to get in line to get the other parking sticker validated so that we didnt have to pay for the parking.  M has Bryson tied to her scarf and all the babies are melting down QUICKLY!  We see a MASSIVLY long line and ask what showtime it was.  It was still the 8:00 people in line.  It is now 8:45.  THEN, we hear that they are an hour behind.  WHAT?  So, we find a worker and get her to varify this.  We were trying to get tips to get in the FRONT of the 9:00 line...but even then, we would have to stand in the line for an hour or more.  YUCK.  We were not being rude about anything, but we were letting them know that we were not pleased and that we had 3 two year olds and even 9 was pushing it.  After a while, she left and told us to hang tight.  She came back and told us to follow her.  Tim walked up at this point!  PTL!  So, we march past this HUGE line and she takes us to talk to someone else and says that "its a really bad situation" and the lady said "take them to the front, like they have a preferred pass and tell them that Susan said it was OK."  So, we march past MANY other people.  Past the front of the 8:00 line.  Past the people in line for their parkas.  Past the people waiting IN their parkas.  Right up to a man who gives us parkas and walks us down some stairs and through a door and RIGHT INTO THE ICE EXHIBIT!!!  WHAT?!?!?!  We were amaized but SO thankful!  (the tickets cost $23, but the kids were free.  apparently you can buy a $15 express pass that entitles you to line jump like this...but it would have been $15 PER ticket...even for the kids)

M and Bryson all bundled up

Tim, Leah, Glade, and Addison

Ben and I

It is only 2 degrees in the exhibit!  It was all themed after "How the Grinch Stole Christmas"  We took a lot of pics IN the place, but my camera was being dumb, so they are on M and Leah's cameras.  I'll post more when I can!

Our group before!

The rules:  No touching, sitting on, or licking the ice.

We walk into start the tour and stop for some pics.  What does Bryson do?  We look over and he is LICKING an ice sculpture!  He said "I LOVE the ice-ing.  Mmmm"  It was great!  All 3 kids and their parents went down the kid's ice slide.  Ben and I went down the big ones.  They were cold and fast!


We walked out at 9:45 and M said "God bless Susan whoever she is."  We all had a moment for Susan! 

We did find the girl that had helped so much and stopped to thank her IMMENSELY (as the kids were melting down...she could see that she helped us out a lot!).  We made the hour drive home and the kids watched a movie and zonked out.  When we were walking to our car, Addison wanted Bryson to sleep at her house...but we had to explain that's not how a first date ends in our worlds!!!!  We did have lunch and PLENTY of playtime on Sunday after church, though.

We had an adventure...and what an adventure it was!!!!

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