Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Call me...

...The Grinch.

I feel like a horrible person!  I am SO annoyed with my radio stations.  Two (out of 5 that I listen to) have gone to playing "All Chrstmas.  All the time."  From Thanksgiving until Christmas. 
I HATE this!!! 

I love Christmas music, I really do...and I love hearing it early...but ALL THE TIME?!?!?!? 
There are only so many Christas songs that you can play, people.

My radio listening has become so limited! 

ChristianWorks has some ads out on the radio on 3 stations:
1) on easy listening/soft rock/pop...
that is not only playing Christmas music
2) on the AWESOME Christian radio station...
that is only playing Christmas music
3) on the Christian talk radio station

I am supposed to be listening for them, and WANT to listen for them.  But with 2 of them being Christmas and 1 being "talk," I just cant handle it anymore!!  It hasnt even been a week, yet!!!  Sometimes, all I want is to listen to some great Christian music on my way home, but I am jipped of that because what are they playing, CHRISTMAS music.

Did I mention that it is ALL THE TIME?!?!

Call me The Grinch...that's fine...I know how much you all LOVE Christmas music...so bring the hate.  BRING IT, I say!!!

I think I'm also feeling especially grinch-y because we dont decorate.  I LOVE my decorations....but with Christmas spent in Houston, Pensacola, and Lubbock, it just isnt worth it.  Oh how I had hoped that we would be home with a little one of our own and COULD decorate this year.  Again, more to add to the grinch-y-ness.  So, I will just enjoy all of YOUR decorations and pray that we can drag ours out NEXT year when we are at home with our little one.
Speaking of Christmas music, here are my 2 FAVE versions of "Oh Holy Night"
which is my #1 FAVE Christmas song.  (See, I DO like it!)

(go to the bottom of the page and hit "pause" on the music player (may have to click twice)
to stop the music that usually plays on the blog)

The Good:

The Bad AND the Ugly:
(have you guys heard this?  I cant even tell you how much I love this.  My sisters and I listen every year and laugh until tears are rolling off our chins.  I cant handle it.  You have to listen to ALL of it...the end is BRILLIANT!!!!)

Oh, my side hurts from this!!!!

(ThanksMas post coming soon...just waitning to steal some pics from facebook...)


amber said...

try Air 1... they play a good mix of christmas and regular christian music

Shannon said...

I just found your blog and this made me die laughing! What the heck IS it??? Or should I ask, who is it??AWESOME! HAHA!

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