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Nashville Wedding

In October we went to my cousin, Justin's, wedding in Nashville.  It was BEAUTIFUL.  Seriously, I dont think there could BE a more gorgeous setting for a wedding...but I am a sucker for the fall colors.  Justin and Joy got married on a farm just outside of Nashville and we had SO much fun!!!! 

Ben and I left Dallas around 6 on Thursday to drive to my sister's house in AR.  She didnt get off work until 3 on Friday and Bryson was the ring bearer and we wanted him to be at the rehearsal.  SO, when we got to her house, they were all in bed.  The next morning, she took Bryson to my MaMa's house so that we didnt have to get up that early after a late night of driving.  So, Friday morning, we went to eat an EARLY lunch of fried chicken, mac n' cheese, butter beans, & biscuits at MaMa's.  My cousin, Amber, met us there and rode with us to Nashville, too.  (she is the sister of the groom and kinda needed to be at the rehearsal, too!)  So, we drove like crazy people and got to the rehearsal late...but it hadnt started yet, so we were good!! 

Bryson did great at the rehearsal.  He HEE-HAW'd at the donkey and HEE-HAW'd at the empty field and told us that he was counting the donkeys "one, two, three, four donkeys."  Poor thing, I dont know what he was counting!!  We had to stand with the bridesmaids and then walk to a tree where he stopped to have his pic taken.  He said "CHEESE" super loud...even though there was no photog that night!  Then walk to the back of the aisle, pose again for a pic "CHEESE," and then walk down the aisle to where his mommy would be waiting.  During rehearsal, he tended to take off down a row of chairs...oops! 

We went to the rehearsal dinner and he ate a lot of ice.  Then The Nana got there and for the most part took over until his mommy came.  He was sick and was a GROUCHY little thing.  We were happy to hand him over!!

Here are some pics from wedding day! 

The Farm:

(Joy's dad built a "Harding Swing" that they were married under!!)

When we got there, we stopped to take lots of pics w/ the pretty colors in the background!!!

me & Feff

Feff as a prairie girl

Feff & Beth

Beth & Feff were in the same club at Harding and then Beth married our cousin Jacob!!! 

We love us some Beth!!!

Yep...caught the groomsmen!
(notice the little basket of reading material on the ground!)


Finally, we walked into the wedding area:

Feff, Beth, Mallory, & Ashley
Shantih/HU/prayer group friends
(Mallory and Ashley live in Nashville)

The wedding started at 12.  They wanted Bryson there at 8:45 for pics!!!  When M got there with him, the photog wasnt even there, yet.  Bryson was NOT a happy camper this day!!!!  He took a short nap, but didnt get to be in ANY pictures. 
Think he made it down the aisle?

Beth and I had opposite legs!

Seriously, look at that backdrop!!

and of course...JOY!

It's a good look Feff.  At least your FRIENDS are nice!

So, when I tried to take him from his mommy so that she could go wait at the end of the aisle, he FREAKED out and started screaming.  So, M just held onto him and I went to sit down.  M tried to put him down to walk, and he screamed some more.  So, she walked him down the aisle while he repeated over and over:
"no mommy, I dont want to.  no mommy, I dont want to."
Then, he played with his Thomas and Percy Train and was perfectly happy!

I peeked during the prayer...sshhh, dont tell!

Those dang photogs kept getting in my way!  They dont understand the "Spillman Way" at Spillman families!!!  And by the end of the wedding, I dont think they liked us very much...oh well!

Sister pic.
(my eyes are CRAZY puffy)

and now with Bryson

that's the best smile I got out of him!
He was in a lovely mood!

This is the muddy dog!  He was SO friendly, but OH SO muddy...we were worried about Joy's dress.

Bryson LOVED the dog and his mood perked up.


It doesnt help that his mommy bites...

Such a cute pic!

Mallory and Ashley were saving us a table across the fence.  We were fufilling our Spillman family duties...that DIDNT include a pic.
(those mums were beautiful, but had to be moved so we would see each other!)

M told Bryson to walk into the woods... he did...

...and would turn around and say "Ni Hao, mom!"...
who knew that he could speak Chinese?!?

...then he sat in the mud and tried to juggle.

Pic of the Spillman family in Shantih (club at HU).  They took over!

All the Shantih people at the club.

The girls sang to their Beaux

and the Beaux sang to their "Shantih Women."

This is Mallory. 
We've been told FOREVER that we are twins.  And, we embrace it. 
We have MANY similar stories and have many clothes that are similar and accessories that are the same. 
AND, we eat cupcakes the same way!!

puffy eyes again

FINALLY, a Spillman family pic!

When we left, Ben, Feff, and I stopped just over this awesome hill for some pics...

...we kept having to run from cars that came by.
(many stopped to make sure we were OK)

fake laughing...

...that turned into real laughing!

LOVE this's a real moment that Feff caught on camera!

zoomed in

(we tried to recreate it, but it wasnt as cute!)

Feff walking up the hill...

There should be a million pics of Feff in this pose...she did it ALL day!

Feff trying not to fall!
(let's all sing the Little House on the Prairie song, now)
do, do, doo, dooo....

Now let's jump...



much better!
(these are only a FEW of the many that were a major FAIL!)
(no one told me my skirt was getting that short!)

now it's our turn

Feff showing us how it's done...

Ben loved it there!!!  We both did! 
We LOVED all the little (or HUGE) farms, the colors, the weather...EVERYTHING!
More than once I was heard saying:
"OK, FINE...we can move here" or "if you inSIST"
"start looking for a job"

After changing clothes, sending Bryson home with The Nana & Popples, and hanging out at Mallory's apartment (we were sad that Ashley got called into work!), we went to dinner at Cozy Mels with the girls and more of our family and some of their friends. 
Table for 15 please!
(my camera got left in the hotel!  sad day!)

After dinner, we sent the adults to sleep and Feff, M, Jabob & Beth, Amber, Mallory, Ben & I headed downtown to check out the scene.  Only we couldnt go IN anywhere b/c Amber's too young (and I didnt have ID on me...but I dont think they would mistake me for under 21!).
So, we entertained ourselves:

While trying to get this shot...

...this happened.
(see, twins!)

Sister shot
I was trying NOT to fall...and M was just being a POOPER!

we made the boys try!!!
(and they DID IT!!!)

We MAY have witnessed a crime and MAY have made a scene about it.  And apparently one of the "crime" people was in the window across the street making fun of us jumping.  Oh well...

and we had to get one with Amber in it!
Shantih cousins...Amber had JUST finished pledge week, so she's the newbie!

We had a GREAT time!  Sunday mmorning, Ben and I got up and drove 1 1/2 hrs to KY to go to Mammoth Cave.  Our tour started at 9AM so we were up EARLY.  I'll post about that tomorrow!!  It was great!  Sunday night, we stayed at Ben's g-ma's house in Glasgow, KY (15 min from the cave) where Ben lived until he was 12 or so.  Come back tomorrow to hear those adventures...

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