Friday, October 9, 2009

It only takes 1 rotten egg... RUIN...

...a double batch of cake balls. 


Let me explain! 

Saturday is the BIG day!  The company I work for has a HUGE auction/dinner event to raise proceeds to keep us up and runnin all year.  KK's Bow-tique donated several things!  It is SUCH a great event.  Last year, we had Mark Schultz as the entertainer/honorary chair.  He was A-MAZING!!!  This year, we are having Ritchie McDonald (the former lead singer for Lonestar) and I am looking forward to it!

Last year's auction was where we won (bought?) the night at the Magnolia that I just blogged about below as well as the $100 to Iron Cactus that we got for $50!! 

One of the categories is "Incredible Edibles" where there are TONS AND TONS of home made goodies on awesome plates, platters, bowls.  It was SO neat to see what people make (this year I heard that someone is bringing 30 cakes...THIRTY?!?!?).  While I am writing this, it is actually Friday and there is a room down the hall that is FILLED with these goodies.  Everytime I walk down there there are 10 more things added to the stock!  I LOVE IT!! 

I love to bake.  So, when our Bible class at church was looking for people to volunteer to donate things for the auction, I of course signed up (it's job security after all!).  So, I decided to make cake balls and put them in a glass beverage dispencer that I had.  I turned in my donation there was no changing what I was making. 

Let me tell you about cake balls.  First, they are YUMMY!!  You take a cake mix of any flavor and bake the cake.  Then you mix in a tub of frosting (choice of flavor) while the cake is hot and form this mixture into balls.  The recipe I have says to then freeze the balls over night.  Then, you dip them into almond bark and VOILA, yumminess in a bite!!

So, since I was bringing mine to the office on Friday, I would need to start on Wednesday and freeze overnight and then dip Thursday night.  Easy, right?!?  On the way home from work I stop by Super Target to get some strawberry cake mix and cream cheese icing.  (My fave combination!) Can I pause a minute and say that I am SOO disappointed in Target's grocery selection...I feel like I am cheating, but everytime I go in there for groceries I come our angry b/c they dont have what I need.  UGG...but, I still love you Target!  So, of course they dont have strawberry cake mix.  But, they DID have red I grabbed 2 of those, 2 cream cheese frostings, and walk but the clothes, shoes, and walk out $100 and an hour later leave.

Our Wed night tradition is to go to church and then go to Tim & Leah's to eat dinner and watch "The Duck Commander" on the Outdoor channel (that we dont get).  So, we do this and leave at our usual time of 11PM.  I HAVE to get the balls made and in the freezer. 

So, I start right away when I get there.  Easy enough.  I get in a good groove...the oven's on, mixer going, & all I have to do is add the eggs.  So, I start cracking them and mixing them in.  I made a double recipe, so I need about 6 eggs.  I get to egg #5 and HAPPEN to look down and see that egg #3 or #4 had a strange color left in the shell.  I stare at it for a while and then look at my FULL kitchenaid mixing bowl.  By this time, I can smell it.  So, I turn around and start gagging.  Ben walks into the kitchen to see what's going on and I just point to the egg.  SICK!!!  So, we close the egg carton and I look for a date (this was on 10/7) and the expiration was 10/8 and it was only 11:35.  SERIOUSLY, a double batch of cake...what was I supposed to do?!?!? I have never even SEEN a rotten egg before. 

My first instinct was to call my mom...but it's 11:40 now and the only times she gets those calls anymore is when/if I am dying or going to the ER for some odd reason.  (well, I usually call her then SHE says to call the Dr and the DR says to go to the ER)  I thought SO hard about calling her...but I didnt.  I called Leah instead.  I seriously couldnt smell the egg in the batter and didnt know if any had even gotten INTO the cake.  There was a congealed goo in the ends of the egg shell.  I also didnt know if maybe it would cook out?!?! (wishful thinking?)  So, I called Leah instead! I debated cooking the cakes (NOT because I am mean (I mean really, I'm not the one who's going to bid on them) but because I honestly didnt know!) but Leah and I decided it was better not too.  SIGH.  So, I walk back to the kitchen and dump the bowl FULL of bright red batter down the drain.  Then, I went to bed.  What was I going to do?!? 

The next morning before work, I walked that egg carton (with the rotten egg in a baggie) into Albertsons and told the lady that there was a rotten egg and I needed new ones.  There was a sign that said that the service counter wasnt open until 9 (this was 8:20 ish), but the lady helped me anyway.  She said I could go get a new carton.  Then I explained about the 2 cake mixes that it ruined and showed her that I had brought the 2 empty boxes with me.  So, she let me get new eggs and 2 new cake boxes!  YEAH!!  Then I had to run them back home...and MIGHT have been a bit late for work.  OOPS!  I was doing it ALL for the auction!

So, Thursday was a bit crazy!!  I got home from work and made the 2 cakes...looked at the eggs this time!  Added the cream cheese frosting and put this mixed up part into the fridge to cool while we ate dinner.  After dinner, I used my cookie baller and made the balls and stacked them in a cake pan (3 layers high) and put them into the freezer. 

At 9, the girls came over for our AMAZING Bible study. When they left (after 11), Ben helped me melt the almond bark (I was short on white and had to use chocolate, too) and dip the balls.  We STILL ran out of bark and have abour 20 balls left in the freezer to dip later (maybe for the pot luck on Sunday!).  This morning I got up and put the balls into the beverage dispencer with some tissue and shreaded paper...put a BIG OL ribbon on it and brought it up here to sell!!!  It looks GREAT!!!  I hope people can appreciate what went into making them!!!  I brought some of the "ugly" ones to the office today and everyone here gushed over, they should be a hit!

Oh, the drama!!!

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Donna said...

Something my mom taught me was to crack the eggs one at a time into a bowl and put them in the mixer separately. That way, if you have a bad one, you should be able to see/smell it before it ruins the whole batch.
Your recipe sounds fabulous!

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