Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I forgot to post: Our Stay-Cation

I cant believe I forgot to post on this!!!  Back in August, Ben and I had a little "stay-cation" (I'm SO not a fan of new meshed up words like this, but whatever!) downtown.  Last year at the Christian-Works auction we bid on and won:
-$100 gift card to the "Iron Cactus" (we paid $50)
-a night at the Magnolia Hotel downtown in a suite.  (we paid $100...normally a $300 room!)

So, we were running out of time, but had the perfect time to use it!! 
Rustee wanted to go!
This is the PERFECT Rustee face!!!!

Ben was excited!

I thought that my toes matched my shoes!

We started off TRYING to play Top Golf.  We got there at abour 4:30 and there was a 2+ hr wait already...CRAZY!! 

Well, we wanted to start our time down town, so we left and went to the hotel. 
Here are some pic of the Magnolia that we took at differnt points throughout the night:

When we went to check in, the guy said that someone named "Sandy" had canceled our reservation.  Umm...what?  So, he gave us a corner room on a higher floor! SCORE!!

Here are pics inside the hotel and the room:

There was a HUGE down comforter in the closet...so we threw it on the bed, turned the AC down to 65 and snuggled in!!!  LOVED IT!!

Views from our room:

We headed to the free cocktail hour:

And then straight to dinner at the Iron Cactus:

I LOVE white queso!

YUMM!!  Shrimp wrapped in bacon w/ brown sugar!!!!

After dinner, we walked around and ended up at the cow statues:

Dallas is all about balls:

Then, we went back to the hotel for free cookies and milk:

(it had been hot outside!)

We were SO SO SO sleepy, that we were SO excited to just go back to the room and sleep!!


did we...

The next morning, we were up JUST IN TIME for the free hot breakfast buffet.

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