Tuesday, October 27, 2009

100 things about me for my 100th post!

OK, so I thought that this might be fun...but it was TOUGH and took a while!

100 RANDOM things about me!!!

Here are the top 25 that I've edited from in THIS POST a while back (click to see the post w/ pics)
1. I married my high school sweet heart and best friend!

2. We started dating when we were 16 and never broke up.

3. We were married 5 years later. (5 years and 2 days to be exact) I graduated with my BS in May and we were married in June.

4. Ben graduated with his BS the next May.

5. Ben and I are both middle children

6. Our parents had their 3 kids in the same years...79, 80, 86. How's that for random?!

7. I lived in the same neighborhood from when I came home from the hospital until I left for college.

8. After that, I feel like I have moved WAY TOO MANY TIMES! Lived in Searcy and Abilene for college. Then moved to Lubbock (for student teaching and then a year while Ben finished school), the ghettos of Dallas, and then to Rowlett.

9.. I LOVE living in the Dallas area. I used to tell Ben "dont move me to Dallas" and now I tell him "dont move me away from here!"

10. I have a bachelor's degree from ACU in Elementary Ed, w/ a specialization in Reading and an endorsement in Early Childhood.

11. I TECHNICALLY have 3 Master's Degrees...but I dont count 1. So, I have 2 Master's Degrees in School Counseling and Professional Counseling.

12. All I ever wanted to be was a "mommy" and we have been trying for 3+ years (see kristinascackles.blogspot.com for more info.)

13. I WILL have a little girl at some point, if I have to adopt her...and if I have 1 girl, I want her to have a sister.

14. I've always wanted to adopt a little girl from China (I think since reading about them throwing the girls away...maybe in the book "The Good Earth" in 10th grade Lit?)

15. I love who I am SO much more now than I did in HS and even college. I grew up a LOT and became "me" when I ventured out on my own and went to ACU. I am a different person now...better, more self secure...ME!

16. One of my fave. things is to drop all responsibility and go to West Monroe for a weekend, stay w/ David & Mikey, and have the time of my life and watch my husband TOTALLY relax and have fun!!

17. I am a girly girl to the MAX, but can be a tomboy and love to get dirty, play sports (or win sports), go camping, white water rafting, and be with my boys.

18. My dad used to call me his "oldest son."

19. I almost went into interior decorating instead of teaching. I think my house turned out nicely, given limited budgets, despite the fact that I dont have a degree in it!

20. I love to cook and bake and would LOVE to open a bakery or cater one day! KK's Bow-tique and Bakery is a HUGE dream for me!! (or I would have a bakery/juice bar called "The main squeeze." I stole that name from David)

21. My fave. color is brown and next comes pink, but I think that the combo is over-used!

22. I have been on fertility drugs for a long time and we jokingly have a LOT of baby names picked out b/c there were MANY chances that we could had 4-6 eggs at once. But, we have 2 names of each that we love most of all!

23. I used to be simi-fluent in Spanish. I dont tell people that, and when I DO use it, I throw on a THICK Southern accent b/c I dont want to sound stupid really trying to sound authentic.

24. I got my personality from my Aunt Kathy and married someone EXACTLY like her husband, my Uncle Darrell...it's a bit scary how similar. So, I COULD say that, other than being an engineer, I didnt marry my dad...I married my Uncle (something sounds SO wrong about that, though!!)

25. I thank GOD for the Christian friends and examples that have constantly been put in my life at JUST the right times!

26. I taught for 6 years (1st and 3rd grades) and now work at a Christian Counseling Agency. I dont plan to EVER go back to the public schools. But would teach Pre-K or Kinder at a private school.

27. I taught 1st grade (pullout) in the Frenship district in Lubbock (where I also student taught) the year we lived there while Ben was finishing school.

28. Then we moved to Dallas and I was hired in September to teach 1st grade at Shands in Mesquite. I taught 1st there for 2 years.

29. Because of numbers, I was moved to 3rd grade. I taught 3rd grade there for 3 years.

30. I love to snow ski and skied every Christmas from the time I was 6 until I was 19.

31. I have just realized that I MAY be accident proned (fall in man hole, fall in bath tub, fall down stairs, drop knife on toe, grease burns, broke toe walking into Ben, and MANY MORE!) WHO KNEW?!

32. I have SEVERE food allergies and grew up allergic to MOST things. I am now only allergic to pecans, walnuts, bananas, watermelon, and corn. I have anaphalactic reactions. The last time I ate a pecan, I was 10-ish and had HALF OF A HALF and ended up in the ER.

33. I love to shop...esp for my home and SHOES. My new addiction is CANTON...

34. My life is SO blessed...even though we are going through a Storm right now...we have been blessed in SO many ways and know that only God will get us through! Exodus 14:14

----------------NEW STUFF-----------------------

35. Our dog Rustee is the SMARTEST dog I know!!

36. He's a maltese...our new FAVE breed!! (they dont shed!)

37. He has a personality that is SO much bigger than him!

38. My sister made me an aunt when she had Bryson in April 07.

39. Ben's sister made us aunt/uncle when she married Dave in Nov. 07. They have Kevin & Molly (twins), and Hannah.

40. They live in Chicago...we would LOVE to see them more!!!!

41. We went to Chicago for their wedding and LOVED it...I want to go back SO badly.

42. My little sister works at a zoo. Her babies are "big cats" and her boyfriend is a bird named Orlando.

43. Ben lived in KY until he was 12 (or so) and moved to West Monroe, LA (where I lived). He is a HUGE University of KY basketball fan.

44.We have a UK basketball room in our house!

45. I have to admit, that when they are GOOD I enjoy watching them, too! I love the pace that they used to set and the full court press.

46. Sometimes I think that I need to be the coach...if I can see that you need to do something different...it should be OBVIOUS to the coach. No?

47. I love to sing!!!!!

48. I sing alto

49. I am a car singer. I thought everyone was...seriously, everyone's not?!? What's wrong w/ you people?

50. I really only sing in the car alone (that's the loudest and the BEST!!!), with Ben-who wont join in, and with my sisters...which is a WHOLE OTHER LEVEL of fun!!!!!

51. Michelle is only 14 months older than I am.

52. Steph and I were both accidents. OOPS!!

53. Although we are not twins, we think like them...well, Steph's in on it now! We NEVER finish a thought or sentence when we're together. It's more like "The other day I saw this...yeah...NO...ME TOO...*laugh*...good one girls." No other words needed!!!! My poor husband when we're all together!!!!!
(side story...my little sis & I got my dad the same B-day card last week...and even BETTER, when we were talking about the card, we discovered that we ALMOST got him the same card, too. SO, our #1 and #2 picks were the SAME!!! The #2 choice we both had was AMAZING and our #1 choice, but dad wouldn't have appreciated it. He doesn't like the word "fart.")

54. I have to hold my nose to go underwater. I KNOW...blow out...it doesnt work!!!

55. I have asthma

56. My style has evolved through the years!! I had the WORST style in high-school, college, and even my 1st year of teaching!!!! THE WORST!!!!!!!!!!!! I can admit it...cause it was BAD...what was I thinking?!?!?! Why were you people my friend?!?

57. I like my style now, thanks! (mostly...until I get to the bottom of my stash and need to do laundry...then it get's desperate)

58. I'm still a hoodie/tee shirt & yoga pants girl at heart!!! That's what I wear when there's no where to go!

59. There are certain people that when they say "I like your outfit" I NEVER want to wear it EVER again. Is that bad?!?!!? If people with BAD style like it, it's "no more" for me.
Tired of reading, yet?!?!

60. I played trumpet in high school (6th-12th grades) in marching band (WITH band camp!), jazz band (I STUNK at this!), pep band, concert band, and any other special band they needed!

61. Ben played trumpet, too. I was better!! I sat a chair above him...except in Jazz band...he was GREAT at ad-libbing and I stunk it up!!!!

62. We were never in choir (Ben's voice is AWESOME!!), b/c it was at the same time as band...but we did get to be in some small groups (together) at church and loved it!!

63. I'm afraid of ducks. Yes...ducks-and MOST birds!

64. I lived a sheltered life growing up. (and I'm fine with that. Now.)

65. I didnt listen to much music other than Christian and oldies growing up. So, I can't have a conversation about the "greats." Ben makes fun of me for this. Now, if you want to have a discussion of Acappella...BRING IT!! I can sing MOST songs and even go into the song that comes next on the original tape. Ben is amused by this!

66. I have a hard time NOT analyzing the play of friend's kids & nieces and nephews!! (I dont do it ALL the time...there are just SOME things that make my head cock to the side...but, I'll TELL you if it's your kid!!) Dont worry!

67. I am an aggressive driver. Ben is passive...drives me NUTS, especially if we're late and he's just taking his good sweet time puttering behind a slow car when the other lanes are OPEN!!!

68. I've never had a ticket or been in an at-fault accident (KNOCK ON WOOD!!!)

69. The only time I've ever been pulled over was in Abilene once b/c the light on the license tag was out. I about pee'd my pants/hyperventilated until the cop said that was why he pulled me over! PSHEW!

70. I LOVE to crunch ice!!!! Some say this happens to anemic people? I CRAVE ice and water. I had a meltdown at school one day (in front of 23 kids) because the caf wouldnt send my usual cup of ice down with my student. They were "too busy." EXCUSE ME?!?!? It wasnt even 8AM yet!!! I sent her back 3 times and finally our sweet janitor was in there when my student came back the 3rd time and saw the tears in my eyes and said "I'll get you some ice, sweetie." Everyday after that (for 2 more years) she brought me TWO glasses of ice each morning!!! Thank you Ms. Jackie!!!

71. I dont drink caffeine. (hence all the water and ice)

72. I WILL drink the occasional sweet tea if it's offered. This doesn't happen MUCH in TX, but it's becoming more common. If I'm in LA for the weekend, I drink a LOT of sweet tea...I have to remember to get some water in there sometime, too!

73. I have a Southern accent and I LOVE it! I dont think it's bad now...but give me 2 days in LA and it's back with a vengeance!!!!

74. I'm the only girl my husband has ever kissed!

75. I was a champion screamer for several Summers in a row. At camp, I won loudest scream all but 1 year...and I was JIPPED that year!!!

76. My feet are claustrophobic. I canNOT STAND socks. When I sleep, they have to stick out of the covers. When I have surgery, I have to tell them to wait until I am knocked out to put those warmers/circulation things on my feet!!! The first thing I have said waking up from several surgeries has been "GET THESE THINGS OFF ME FEET!!!" And I have had battles with nurses who kept re-tucking my sheets when I was asleep.

77. I LOVE to sleep with it FREEZING in the room!! I love to be covered up (all but my feet) by MANY heavy blankets and snuggle in close to Ben! It's the BEST!! In the Summers, I dont get my way so we can save $$$ on the bills...but in the winter, we make it so that the heat doesnt even come on at night. LOVE it!

78. I didnt dye my hair until I was 25. (I attempted to in college, but that was a bust...) I have natural highlights and the sun bleached my hair out every Summer and I just lived w/ the roots in the winter (people thought I had died it b/c my roots were bad at times!). When I was 25, I darkened it and put in some LOW lights...then I had to do highlights before Spring came to be ready for a cruise...and the cycle began!!! Now, I dont have Summers off and cant rely on the natural bleaching...sad day :(

79. I helped start a social club at HU. (the Christian term for non-sorority) Ben wrote our club song. Then I moved to ACU and didnt pledge a club there.

80. Sometimes I wish I had pledged another club my sophomore year instead of helping with this one...but oh well, it is what it is :)

81. I am gullible (hince my love for "as seen on TV")

82. I give myself B-12 injections each month!!! (they are my crack and I love them!)

83. I am addicted to reality TV...I think it's the therapist in my LOVING watching the human behavior!

84. I passed my National Counseling Exam on the first try...but I was pretty sure I had failed. I did NOT need those 4 months of studying (MANY nights each week)!
Almost there...are your eyes bleeding?!?!?

85. I would NOT have made it through grad school without Kali and Linda!! So glad to have met these girls and have our friendship last!!

86. I want a boat. Ben wants a kayak...NOT the same in my opinion!!

87. I was home schooled through 5th grade. THANK YOU LORD that my mom put us in for middle school and high school!!!

88. My upper elem/middle school pics are the WORST!!! Big, FRIED, permed hair...plastic glasses, braces...you get the picture!

89. I got my driver's license the DAY I turned 15. HOORAY for Louisiana Law!

90. I went to Private HS and Private college...I know, sheltered. I admit it!

91. I can name all of the Presidents in order. It all began the NIGHT BEFORE my History final Freshman year at HU...I only knew 4 and had to know them ALL in less than 10 hours. So, we (there ended up being 10 or more of us there learning) learned it to the tune of a song.
Oh the late nights of cramming...

92. I did not graduate in the top 50% of my HS class.

93. I have skinny dipped.  More than once.

94. There is something about Sunday afternoons that make me want to BAKE. (especially "quicky drops" AKA no-bake chocolate oatmeal cookies)

95. I have double vision. I just learned (like last year) that this wasnt normal!

96. I went to Camp Ch-Yo-Ca from the time I was 1 (Summer 1981) until I graduated from High School (Summer 98) and only missed 1 Summer. I then worked Summer 99 and 00. I had to go to school in 01 and got married in 02...BUT 2 weeks before the wedding, where was I? Working at Camp! I asked if I could work just ONE week!!!! It was GREAT...and I got a great tan! Camp WAS my Summers!!

97. I had a cat named Bickey for 20+ years. (I wanted to name him Mickey Mouse, but that was ruled out...so Bickey it was!) Bickey used to come to Camp with us, too. My mom was the nurse and we would move out there for the Summer...Bickey and all. Bickey was known to attack dogs (that had been trained as attack dogs! TAKE THAT!)

98. I have snorkeled with sting ray, sharks, turtles, a barracuda, and various other animals.

99. I have been on mission trips to Mexico (6 straight Spring Breaks!) and Venezuela

100. Without God...I am nothing.
Thank you GOD for the life I have and for loving me
all my imperfections!


Donna said...

I remember Bickey. Wasn't that Kyle the guard dog? Funny memories. Thanks for sharing...now to get some patches on these bleeding eyes.

Kate said...

Love, love, LOVE this list! I so want to be your friend!

Oooh. That sounded a little stalkerish!

S said...

#91....what's the tune of the song to? I will need that one day for my kids! I should know them too, I guess. And, btw, I read all one hundred. We should get together again soon!

Sarah Jenkins said...

That's me above, oops!

beloved of the king said...

ummmm. that was way long....I almost stopped reading...but I was also entertained...so I kept on going...and going...and going...and going....=P

DSusic said...

Ok I know I'm suppose to read about your fertilty issues but I got stuck reading this and loved it! I think if we lived closer we would be great friends! I was laughing at so many of these things! You have quite the sense of humor! Ok I'm off to read your story! Hope you having a great day!


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