Friday, September 11, 2009

So blessed to be where I was

Where were you on 9/11/01?  I was so blessed to be where I was.

I was in the Fall semester of my senior year at ACU.  It was my "block" semester (semester before student teaching...we had a big BLOCK class 5 days a week for a big chunck of the afternoons...we all got really close from spending so much time together!) and I was getting over strep throat.  It was a BIG no-no to miss block class.  So, I had skipped my morning class (an early childhood one) to sleep in.  I had plans to go to block later that afternoon. 

I was asleep on my top bunk of 758 East North 12th Street when my roomate barged into our room (she had been in class) saying "WAKE UP, TURN ON THE TV.  WE'RE BEING ATTACKED."  I was dazed, jumped off my bunk, and said "who?" and she said "WE ARE.  AMERICA IS BEING ATTACKED." 

By this time all 4 planes had crashed and America knew that this was not an accident.  We sat on the edge of our couch just watching the news coverage.  Phone calls were made just to reassure everyone that everyone was safe. 

I got dressed (donned a cap) and headed to block class.  I just remember it being a dark, quiet day.  I LOVED my block teachers, Pat and Dana, and this day made me love them even more.  They handled this with such grace and we were all blessed to be there for that class.  We talked about our friend and classmate whose husband was overseas at the time...and the classmates that had gone to be with her on that day.  We talked about the missing classmates that had not heard from their relatives in NY.  We talked about anyone with family traveling on that day.  We talked about anyone with family in New York. We talked about the air force base in town and it's roll and security.  We just talked...

Pat and Dana checked with everyone to be sure that we had gotten in contact with our family. 

Then, we prayed.  And prayed.  And prayed.

We prayed for the unknown and for those classmates that were suffering.  Then, they used this opportunity to teach all of us 'almost teachers' how to handle situations like this when WE are the teachers and when all eyes would be looking at US.  We were just months away from being the ones in charge. 

We spent the hours processing and just being comforted by each other's presence. 

After that class, I went back to our house and Kristy and I just watched the news reports and prayed some more.  I honestly dont remember anything else.  I will never forget jumping from my top bunk in a half-stupor daze to see the TV...and I remember that block class (were we sitting w/out the lights on?)...but I dont remember much else. 

But, I do know that we PRAYED.

And we are still PRAYING for the many families that were affected that day as well as for the ones who have been affected SINCE that day, BECAUSE OF that day. 

May God's peace cover you today as you remember.

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