Friday, September 18, 2009

My craft fair debut

So, KK's Bow-Tique will be making it's official craft fair debut tomorrow!!  Remember, back in the Spring when Courtney and I went to the Aspasians craft fair (see here)?!?  Well, I decided to bite the bullet and have a booth there this go around.  It's been tough...but the next time it should be easier since I have done the leg-work on this one. 

What made it so hard was that we were out of town last weekend.  This week has been INSANE.  I think I have gone to bed after 1AM every night.  I am POOPED...but I will be getting some B-12 to keep me energized through tonight and tomorrow.  It's going to be great!!! 

I have SO much help and support...I could NOT do this without my girls!!!
-Michelle-my sister is coming from AR to help me from start to finish tomorrow!
-Mom-my mom is coming from Houston to keep M's 2 year old
-Leah-is making some small one color bows for me (I tend to make the elaborate BIG ones...) and she is going to be selling some hooded towells for herself in the booth in exchange!  She is also lending me 2 tables and has helped with whatever I need!!
-Jaime-came over on Labor Day and helped glue, glue, glue.
-Susan-Susan has done SO much...we are SO thankful!  Susan came over on Labor Day & glued flowers & then took the flowers home with her to finish.  She also made some gift tags for me to sell, bought some onesies for me to turn into gift sets with bows.  Leding me a table (or 2) and found a tent/canopy for me to use!
-Jana-came over Tuesday night to help glue flip flops then took the rest home with her to finish.  Jana's mom is lending me a table & Jana lent me some containers to display in!
-Leah, Jana, & Susan-gave up our Bible study last night to finsh glueing flip flops and various other things. 

I am SO blessed by you girls!!!!  I am in awwww of your willingness to help and there are no words to express my gratitide!!!  (we will be back to Esther next week, promise!!!)

Anyway, come support KK's at the Aspasians Craft Fair TOMORROW (9/19) on the Rockwall Square starting at 9AM.  I will be on Kaufman St one block past the square.  I would LOVE to see you there!!

Check KK's Bow-Tique page for pics on Mondy (or sometime next week anyway!)

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Moore Memories said...

We'll be there as always!!! Good luck!

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