Thursday, September 24, 2009

Craft Fair Pics

So, you all know that I had a booth at the Aspasians Craft Fair this past weekend. Here are some pics of my booth as well as some of the cute bows that were for sale:

The whole set up (ignore Ben...we had just finished and were
TIRED and sweaty...this was taken around 8 AM)

My sign!!
(I designed it and had Kinkos blow it up and mount it for me!!)

The table w/ the bows!

Close up of bows and "head models"

Close up of that bow. LOVE IT!

More bows!

Close up of Cowboy bow!

More bow buckets!!

The table w/ the flower clips and pacifier holders

Close up of some of the pacifier clips

Cowboys pacifier clip (and adaptors for pacis that dont have a handle-like mam)

A bucket of flowers and my "head models!!"

Close up of my "models"
(AKA-styrofoam balls w/ panty hose covering them-stuck with a skwer in a vase
with zebra striped aquarium rocks.  Pretty creative if I do say so myself!)

Another bucket of flowers and head model
(I LOVED this combination:  light tan beanie w/ a blue flower!)

My REAL head model.  She wore this all day!

Table with crochet bands, crochet beanies, zebra bow holder and
HEADBANDS for youth & adults:  They have velcro on the underside to stick to your hair.  These have the LOOK of a scarf, but they do not slide back!!!  They have a thing in the back to cinch them to your head!  They work GREAT for sports (hair in ponytail, but still hold back the wispies), dance, or just to be SUPER cute!  M had one on all day (with the flower clipped on) and we sold a LOT of them!!  They are only $5!!

The table in the back w/ the gift sets and flip flops

Gift sets
Girls:  romper (with pants) (baby), small pacifier clip, matching bow
Boys:  romper, large pacifier clip
White ones in back:  Onsie, polka dot pants & hat (comes in green, blue, or pink)
Camo set:  3-6 mo Pink shorts w/ ruffle booty, camo onsie w/ custom double ruffle ribbon in pink to match shorts, camo bow w/ pink double ruffle ribbon.  SO cute!!

Overflowing flip flops
(UT, A&M, Cowboys, lady bugs, bumble bees, pink zebra, pink/brown, pink/white, teal/white, green/white, softball, soccer, and SO many more!!!  I LOVE these!!)

Bumble bees up close

And a matching bow:

A few other CUTE bows (that I still have!)

red lady bugs

pink western w/ cow print & cow bell
How fun is this?!?!

pink watermellon

pink lady bug

And finally, M in our aprons:

(I need to re-do these w/ a black background, but they worked for this day!)
M wore this and walked around all day and was great advertisement for me!!!  Thanks for all your help!!
And thank YOU all for shopping!!


Justin and Gracie O. said...

Thanks for the compliment, prayers, and for actually reading that terribly long post!

Your bows are so stinkin' cute!! Oh my, it makes me want a little girl right now! And I think I may need to try the headbands with the velcro, because mine never ever stay put!

I'm praying for you both!

Stacey said...

I love all your stuff!!! Those bows are so adorable I'm tempted to buy one and I only have boys! lol

I'm sorry that you've had such a hard fertility journey. You will be blessed; just keep faith. I had 7 miscarriages and one stillbirth while trying to have my children, so just hang in there.

I hopped over from 5 Question Friday, and have really enjoyed your blog and reading your posts!!

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