Saturday, September 12, 2009

"Back to School Again"

NO.  Not me!  (Thank the GOOD Lord!!)

Ben has talked about getting his master's degree for a while now.  After all, his company will pay for it and he cant go and let his wife out-degree him (since she has TWO masters degrees and all (well, really 3, but I ignore one)). 

I've said it before, that Ben is the smartest person I have ever met.  But, I LOVED the fact that I had 2 more degrees than he did.  Granted, mine consisted of many B's and he doesnt even know what that letter looks like. 
Let me explain: (sidebar about MY grad school)
When I was hired at Shands Elementary in Mesquite, TX.  I learned that Mesquite REQUIRED their teachers to get a masters degree.  It would be in ANYTHING, but just had to be done within 10 years of employment.  I dont know why I was such a eager-beaver, but I decided to start my 2nd semester of teaching there. 

I took 1 class "Intro to counseling" at Texas A&M Commerce in the Spring and 1 class for the May-mini (THIS was a NIGHTMARE...3 weeks of class everyday the same last 3 weeks of my 1st year teaching at this school!!!!!!  What was I thinking and HOW IN THE WORLD did I survive?!?!?!).  After that May-mini, I decided to take a Summer class at Amberton University. 

I "just so happened" to sit by Kali when I got to this class.  We were at the back table closest to the door.  This was Kali's first class and what I didnt know was that she was waiting on a co-worker/friend, Linda, whose seat I just took.  OOPS!  But, this was the best mistake EVER.  Kali, Linda, and I were friends from that point on.  We were inseperable.  We took every class together. Studied for every test together.  And still get together and talk for hours on end!  I love these girls and wouldnt have made it without them!!! 

After that semester, we decided to take 2 classes each quarter.  We took one on a week night (usually Tuesdays) and then one on Saturday mornings.  The quarters were 10 weeks, but the Saturday classes were only every-other week.  This was our saving-grace! 

Kali and Linda made A's in most (if not all) of their classes.  They read every night, and agonized over how much time they were studying. 

Me, on the other hand.  I'm just not a studier or a reader.  My book/notes stayed in my car from week to week and only came out for class and for the few nights before the test when Linda, Kali, and I would study for hours. 

I made a lot of B's.

I'm fine with that!!!  If I could have peace at night, not read a lick, and make a B...I was PERFECTLY FINE!!!  And I am still perfectly fine with my perfectly B average!!
Back to Ben:

Ben is taking a class from UT Arlington online.  There is actually a class on campus, but he watches the recording from that class and goes into class to take the tests and such.  (VERY Different than Amberton online classes...guess that's cause it's a REAL Univ!!)

He has watched maybe 3 or 4 classes so far and I SWEAR, that boy has already read and studied more than I did in 2 and a half years of grad school.   He's so dedicated and I love it.  (but I miss my husband!)  The other night, I told him that reading/studying was "overrated" and that he should take lessons from me and that if he were as smart as me he wouldnt have to study and could still pull a good grade.  He didnt appreciate that!  I think his response was "You wanna take this class with me" or something to that affect.  Oh well!! 

Even though I am going to miss my husband (while he works on fake projects for the city of Longview to be sure that they dont run out of water in 60 years (?)) I am SUPER proud of him and admire his dedication.  Really. 

I am SO proud of you Ben Stephens.  I am your biggest fan!!!   Hopefully, our kids will get your book smarts (and dedication) and my common can hope, right?!?)

(and for the record...I would take common since ANY DAY!!!  Thank you GOD!!)

(and my liscense is the SAME as my friends who made all the A's...I just got to spend more time NOT reading!)

(am I promoting slacker-ism?!?)

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