Thursday, September 3, 2009

And the total is...$0.00

You can't beat FREE FOOD!!!! 

I was at Leah's last night (for our weekly after church dinner+Duck Commander watch party) and saw in a magazine that she had where Schwans was advertising for free food.  My mom used to order Schwans when I was little and I can just SMELL the orange push-ups that we used to love!!!!  So, I read the info out loud to everyone and NO ONE believed me that it would be free food.  There had to be a gimic, right?  Ben was the biggest skeptic.  So, I was out to prove them all wrong! 


If you are not currently a Schwan's customer...go to and check this out!!!!!  If they deliver to your area...just:
-pick somethig to order $10 or less (so DUH, get something that's $9.99...I picked 8 quarter pound hamburger patties)

-sign up for a membership (it's harmless...just click OFF the check for email updates)
-view your cart (it will say that the total is $9.99 and that the delivery is $0.00 and that you have a promotion for -$9.99 and you total is

Then just pick your delivery options (I asked the live chat lady and she said that they deliver until 10 PM, so she set our account to get an evening delivery) and you are good to go!!! 

Of course, you could get suckered into buying other things...but's FREE!!!! 

I am sure that I will order more LATER...(like I love the grilled nugget things!  Or the beloved orange push up!)...but for now, I am basking in the FREE-ness of my food!!!! 

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