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Five question Friday!

Once again, I got these from My Little Life.  Hop on over and look at her answers.  Or better yet, join the Blog Hop so we can see your answers!!
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1. What is your favorite Holiday and why?
Hmm...I just love a Holiday!  I love Memorial Day b/c it's right around my Birthday. 
But, I LOVE Halloween and Thanksgiving are up there.  Not really for the Holiday themselves, but b/c they mean crisp weather, hay rides, bon fires, pretty colors, and yummy smells!!! 
I do love ThanksMas with the Spillmans.  Since forever ago, my mom & her 5 siblings and spouses, kids (and now their spouces and kids) all get together at Thanksgiving and do "Christmas" with a tree, presents, and all.  I think that they started this so that they (my aunts and uncles) didnt have to choose whose house to go to for Chrstmas.  I remember when I was REALLY little (before ThanksMas was born) we would pack up on Christmas Day and go up to my g-ma's house in AR and everyone else would be there.  But, as more grandkids came (13 in all) they made some changes.  When we were all little, we would do it all at my g-ma's house.  Sever aunts/uncles lived in the area, so there was enough room for the adults to sleep and us grandkids would line up in the living long line straight across.  We would TRY to sleep while listening to the grown ups playing Nertz and Yatzee in the 5 feet from us.  Now, more grandkids are married than not (wierd thought, right kids!?!?) and there are 4 great grand-sons (with a great grandaughter coming SOON!).  So, we are too big for 1 house.  Now, we rent out the gym at her church and eat and play there.  We stay at houses (like, I stay w/ my sister) or in hotels.  There are a few of us cool-cats that stay up to the wee hours playing games...sometimes still Nertz...but we dont have to worry about waking anyone up.  ThanksMas is a MUST in our only miss if your work is stupid and wont let you off.  Otherwise, there's no other option. 
Sorry, that was long...
2. Who has been the most influential person in your life?
I dont even have the slightest clue!!!!!!!!  I would PROB say my friends through the years (wheather good or bad) have been the world to me.  BUT, now that I think about it, I will say my youth minister Mike Kellett!  He was my youth minister from 7th grade-12th grade at our (mine & Ben's home church).  We spent MANY hours in vans and busses together going on mission trips and to youth rallies.  When Mike was there, there WOULD BE SINGING and I LOVE that about our past.  Mike taught us how to truely worship God in any setting.  If there was a group of 3 or more people, we were singing and it didnt matter where we were.  My friends now laugh at me b/c I have a sing for EVERYTHING...they have Mike to thank for that!  Mike also taught us the value in just "sittin' and talking."  He truely valued just sitting and talking and getting to the heart of other people.  Mike left after my Sr year and moved to the DFW area and Ben, myself, and our friends spent several nights in their home when we were in the area.  Ben and I acutally had Easter lunch w/ the Kelletts and friends of theirs one year (actually 2000) when we were in town and showed up at his church for service on Sunday.  We were invited with open arms.  Mike was raggin' on Ben for not proposing and asked SEVERAL times when he was going to.  He proposed the next weekend!!!  (we later found out that Mike knew that Ben had the ring thanks to Ben's dad)  When we go home now and go to church at WFR we LOVE it when Mike leads singins or preaches.  It just feels like home and makes me want to cry every time.  (and you know how much I love crying!)  It just makes me so HOMESICK. 

3. If you could give up one household chore forever, what would it be?
ALL OF THEM!!!!!!  In all seriousness, though, it would be folding and putting away the laundry.  I dont mind DOING the just has a habbit of sitting.  Then those piles just grow and are never ending.  And there are only 2 of us...

4. What is the BEST practical joke you have ever been a part of, on the giving OR receiving end?
I dont even know.  I would say that I am boring and am NOT a good joke keeper/liar so I prob didnt know about many of them.  I am seriously racking my brain and cant think of a single thing.   My mom used to take a group of us to roll our band director's house.  A lot.

Anyone else remember any about me?!?

5. Where (or how) did you meet your spouse?
The first time I remember meeting Ben was at band camp the Summer before my 8th and his 7th grade years.  1993, I think.  His dad had just been hired as the Sr. Minister at our church.  Ben CLAIMES that he was at camp that Summer, but I dont remember meeting him until band camp.  We both played the trumpet and the first memory I have of him is in a "trumpets only" practice.  He could play a note higher than I could and I secertly hated him for it.  Ben weighed about 80 lbs and was as tall as my elbow.  His glasses went out PAST his face, poor thing.  There was NO attraction.  AT. ALL.  Sometime in the next few years we started hanging out in the same group and then we started dating when we were 16 in 1997.  He had grown. Also, sometime in the next few years, I got better than him at turmpet (in everything EXCEPT jazz band...I'll give him that one!).   I remain better than him.  Seriously. 

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Mama M. said...

Love it!! Mike sounds like an amazing guy! And, Band Camp?? I only thought that existed in movies! :)

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