Friday, August 21, 2009

Big day with big storms

Last night, we were at Tim & Leah's having dinner and had stayed WAY too late (as usual!). When we were leaving we noticed that there was a LOT of lightening to the North of us. And, by a lot, I mean that it never stopped. Seriously, for an hour or so it was CONSTANT. It was really cool looking. But, we all know that I hate storms...

I was woken up this morning by this horrible storm! It started sometime around 3 or 4 AM and continued until after 6. This was BAD, y'all. The lightening was SO bright and the thunder was SO loud. I was awake for most of it.

(it was bad, I'm reading on facebook about people loosing power & having grills thrown across their yards. The school I used to teach in starts (w/ kids) on Monday and one whole wing is now under 3 inches of water!!! YIKES!!!!)

When the loudest thunder hit, Ben woke up and asked if I was OK while pulling me towards him. At that moment, I was scared...but I had to grin a little at God's power. You see, today is a big day for us fertility wise. It was almost weird how the storm hit the night before a big event. So, I was awake and used that time to pray for us and for others (one of my aunts had some sort of heart attack yesterday and many of my prayers were turned to their family for the remainder of the day/night. She is doing OK...thanks to some "God Things" but please keep the Spillman family in your prayers!). Please keep us in your prayers for the next few weeks. We are praying for a miracle! More than we can imagine!!

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