Thursday, July 9, 2009


(this post is not about me, for an update of my Drs visit, see post below)

Yesterday Ben and I were driving to see Dr P when my phone started ringing Leah's number. I knew that should be finishing up her Drs appt to find out the sex of her baby. I answered SO excited to find out...only to hear Tim's somber voice on the other end.
They lost the baby.
(I am grateful that I was not driving.)
I was stunned.
She was somewhere around 18 weeks.

I called back after my appt and talked to Tim some more and get more info. Leah's parents are coming to help with their 2 year old twins. Leah will be delivering the baby today (Thursday) and it will be sent for testing to see what happened. She will be in the hospital overnight. They are devastated. We all feel so helpless. All we know to do is PRAY.
Tim and Leah are the parents to these wonderful two 2 year olds:

Glade and Addison were miracles conceived through IVF.
As was the baby they just lost.
Miscarriages are hard enough, but when you add on the late term of this, having to deliver it, PLUS the IVF factor and the pain they've been through in the past, this is just heartbreaking.
Tim and Leah have been wonderful to Ben and I as we walk the roads that they've already walked. Ben and I love their kids to pieces and they love us. I LOVE how much they adore Ben and we love to be with them. All of them. We try to get together with them several times a week to eat out, share cooked meals, and play games. They have been there for us, and we will do the same for them. My heart LITERALLY hurts for them.
I know that God has a wonderful plan for them that is beyond what we can imagine.
It's just hard to see through the tears right now.
There is nothing that can be said right now that will comfort them, but your words will be a comfort TO them & knowing that you were thinking about them and praying for them will be a comfort. As we know (those that have gone through infertility or a miscarriage) "God has a plan" and "God's timing" are NOT comforts in times like these. Logically, we KNOW this...but emotionally, nothing helps...we DO know that these are the things that people say to comfort and it IS comforting knowing that people care.
(these are my words on infertility, not theirs...and not on miscarriage)
Please pray with us for Tim and Leah, their kids, and their families.
Although I know it's hard to know what to say...nothing seems adequate. I know that they would appreciate knowing that you are thinking about them and praying for them.
If you would like to let Leah know that you are praying for her,
please do so by leaving a comment on her blog HERE.
(even if you dont have a blog, you can just put your name in and leave a message)
Thank you for the prayers for this sweet family.
If you are local and are friends from church, I will keep you updated
as we know more and know how we can help.
For now, pray!

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Justin and Gracie O. said...

those are adorable twins, wow. that is so sad to hear.

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