Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Girls, Girls, Girls!

(I cant believe it's Friday and I am just now posting about last weekend. Sorry! I have been super tired and just didn't get motivated.)

This past weekend was all about the GIRLS!! Ben was having a training to become a facilitator at GriefWorks (one part of ChristianWorks, where I work that does free grief support for kids and their families who have had a loss) so I thought that I had the weekend to myself. I was going to clean the house from top to bottom. But then, people kept making plans. And I kept agreeing to them. Who can turn down girl-time!!!!!!! Not me!!!!!!

So, my DEAR DEAR friend Sherrill (who broke my heart and moved to New Jersey in 07) was in town to visit her dad. Sherrill, Jana and I met here:

Firewheel Town Center
Garland, TX

And more specifically, here:Where I bought some of these:

to add some ADORABLE ribbon and bows to and then sell!!! Love!!!

Then, we went to eat here:

It's one of Sherrills faves. (I knew it would be Roadhouse or Posados.) Sherrill LOVES their rolls and cinnamon butter and ate one before I was even seated. (well, almost)

After dinner, we didn't want to say goodbye! We went back to Firewheel to "vegg" at Barns and Noble on the couches only to find that they only had 2 chairs. And an old man was in one of them. So, we sat in the hard chairs at the coffee shop and kept talking. It's like she never left. I love being able to pick up right where we left off the last time. True friendship! We left there to do a little shopping for some PINK that Jana and I needed for Sunday night. It was almost closing time, so we had to hurry! We got what we needed and I drove them back to our cars. I think we could have talked the rest of the night sitting in my car!

After I dropped Sherrill off at her car, I drove to Jana's car and realized that I couldn't find my cell phone. She tried calling it for me and we heard nothing. Oh man! So, I drove back to the restaurant praying that they had it. The whole way (all of 5 minutes) I was thinking "I need to call Ben and tell him where I am" or "I need to call Ben and tell him I lost my phone" only to realize that I couldn't call him. I DIDN'T HAVE A PHONE!!! How did we do it back in the day? I was totally lost for all of 5 minutes without it! We are spoiled, indeed. Luckily, the restaurant had a drawer full of phones and wallets and mine was in there! Pshew!

I drove home and the boys (Ben and his brother who is living w/ us for a few weeks) were still out playing Top Golf so, I had some alone time with my baby, Rustee!!


On Saturday, I came up to work to be on a panel of facilitators for GriefWorks for the training that Ben was a part of. It was an EARLY morning, but it went well. It lasted longer than I thought it would, so I was late to my next girl-appointment.

My friends Holly and Leah and I planned a "girl time" for pedicures and lunch. Leah is still having a hard time after losing her baby boy, Ethan, by miscarriage. Holly and I wanted to spend time with her away from the "usual everyday life" that for Leah means taking care of 2 year old twins. She needed some girl time like none-other!!! So, we went to a new spa near Firewheel and got pedicures. Look what I got:
I LOVE THEM. Like, LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!!

Then, we went to eat lunch here:
We had some great discussion. Mostly about "the envelopes." You all know what I'm talking about!!! Budgets and envelopes....what fun lunch discussion. BUT, we had a great time and I really enjoyed their company.

I ran to the store and then home to make some YUMMY 4 layer delight (You know, that stuff with the crust, cream cheese layer, pudding layer, and cool whip) and this queso (with sausage) for "Family Fun Night" at the Avance's pool.
It was SIMILAR to this, only a) I didn't use pecans because those would kill me and b) I used pistachio my 3rd layer was GREEN. Sound gross? It's SO's amazing and adds a "grown up taste" to this light and fresh dessert.

We had a great time swimming and enjoying hot dogs and snacks with wonderful friends from church. We also enjoyed Todd's many cannon balls. Is there any water left in the pool?

On Sunday, we got up and went to class and church as usual. We were late. As usual. After church we headed home and did something that I haven't done but maybe 3 times in my life:


(remember, the budget and envelopes?)

I made chicken, sour cream, and green chili enchiladas to enjoy with the left over queso. After lunch, we crashed on the couches. I had such high hopes of cleaning...but that didn't happen.

BUT, I couldn't sleep for long...I had to set my alarm...because I had MORE girl time coming!!!!!!

Courtney picked me up at about 4:30 and we went to pick up Jana. We then drove to Dallas Christian where we got in a can with Jaime and Sara. We headed downtown and parked on the streets:

(Yeah for not getting towed)

And we had dinner here:

(I had a gift card, so that made it even better!!!)
Jana was totally excited by the fanciness of it all:
I drank the "hard stuff:"
And we ate yummy food:
(I don't know what happened to my pic of the white queso...but we had it and it was YUMMY!)

Jana's chicken balls

My fajitas

Courtney and Sara's enchiladas (see the 2 plates)

Jaime's crab cake

Our big night on the town (note the pink & girly colors!)

Our waiter. He was pretty funny. Bummed that the hardest thing in our "hard drinks" was caffeine (he said "next your going to tell me that you went to church this morning" to which we laughed and said "yes we did!").
After dinner, we headed here:
and saw this:

after I took this pic, the "man in the red vest" came and said that we had to check our cameras or take them back to the car. Dang our eagerness to take pics...
Here is Courtney's face about not getting any more fun pics:
Even without our cameras, we had SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!!! The show was AWESOME and the company was AWESOME!!!!! SO FUN!!!! Girls, I loved it...what's the next show?!?!?
Courtney and I dropped Jana off around 11:15 and she drove me home. We sat in the driveway talking. At 12:00 Ben called and said "Where are you?" and I said "In the driveway." OOPS...must have missed my curfew!! I went inside, and Ben was already in bed. He might have listened and responded to my stories from the evening (remember, I had "the hard stuff" which I NEVER have) but he doesn't remember any of them. He was asleep in 2 seconds. Sigh.
Girls, I had SUCH a fun weekend!!!!! It was the perfect mix of friends new and old. There is nothing better than knowing that I have amazing friends and an AMAZING support system around me at all times. The best part is that they are all such Godly wives and wonderful examples for me all the time. Let's do it again sometime!!!!
(who needs a clean house?!?!)
It was SOOOOO hard to get up!!!!!!!!!!
(Especially since it was raining)

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Hi Kristina! We usually stay Neal's Lodges. They open their reservations Jan.1. You have to make reservations in Jan. or all the dates will be taken for the summer! We stay there because even if they Frio is LOW, they have an AMAZING swimming hole!!!


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