Thursday, July 16, 2009

4th of July in Searcy, AR

I had the Friday before the 4th off from work, so I decided that I needed to go somewhere for the long weekend. I decided to go see my sister in Arkansas. My g-ma also lives there and I dont see her much anymore, so that was on the agenda, too. When I told Ben what I had planned, he wasnt too thrilled about going, but didnt want to fly me out there. Even if it was on Southwest. Whatever. I didnt want to drive 5+ hours by myself. One day a week or so before this, I said "maybe I should leave you here to paint the living room and kitchen." He didnt seem too upset about this thought. So, a few days later I said "Would you RATHER stay and paint than go?" (he KNEW it was going to be a girls weekend and he would be bored) He said "YES!" So, there you have it!!! I drove by myself.

M and I decided to have sushi for lunch one day. Sushi in Searcy? I was scared. Especially when I saw this place:

and this sign on the door:

but it was SUPER yummy!!!!

There was a roll that we got to split as par of our feast that was called the "bomb roll." OH. MY. WORD. It was heavenly!! It had shrimp, salmon, tuna, and other stuff, cream cheese, avocado, then it was fried (took the healthy right out of it, and drizzled with spicy mayo. It's called a "crunchy roll." I wish I had a pic of the whole roll. Here is the last piece:

Then, we headed to Heber to do some shopping on the little square.

I got Ahhh-MAZ-ing vintage dishes for SUPER cheap!! They are cream and brown and match my house PERFECTLY!! I also got some "green ice-cream bowls!" See, when we were growing up, my G-ma had these green glass bowls (that had come in oatmeal?) that we always ate ice cream in. All us grand kids love them and call them 'ice cream bowls." So, I saw some in this little shop for 50% off. I figured that my chances of inheriting them was slim to none, so I bought the bowls with matching saucers and little glasses. They are awesome!!

Here are some pics of my sweet boy that I took in the car on the way there and back :

On the 4th, we took Bryson to a carnival at Harding University and then watched the fireworks. It was a pretty good show (but next year, M is going to come HERE!). Here are some pics of Bry at the festival (and riding his first horse!!):

Apparently, it's fun in AR to sit by a giant stuffed gorilla and have your pic taken?

Ah, the beloved balloon!

They had a little petting zoo:

We really just hoped he would sit on the horse for a pic. He LOVED it!
(my Uncle Steve would be so proud!)

At the fireworks:

The infamous balloon!

We all know what happens next:

but that was short lived:

Popcorn and Diet C@ke make the world a better place!!

We had a great time! We watched girly movies, rearranged/decorated her house and had a good ol' fun time. I have some more pics from the weekend, but they will be in other posts that will be coming up soon!


Moore Memories said...

What a fun time with your sister1 Did Ben get the house painted? Can he come do Kinsley's room next????

Justin and Gracie O. said...

That sign cracked me up! Haha. I'm glad you enjoyed your searcy sushi though.

Your nephew is just too cute.

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