Friday, June 19, 2009

"I think we'll make out just fine"--Ben

I am going to break our VA trip up by events so that I don't have a MASSIVE post with a MILLION pics!! So, this one is just some background. (sorry!) Ben's parents flew to Dallas Thursday night. We were going to take them to Gloria's at the Harbor in Rockwall for dinner on the patio. Only we forgot that Thursdays are the "Concert on the Lake" series at the Harbor. Traffic was a NIGHTMARE, we parked a million miles away, and had to wait an hour for dinner. OOPS! Who knew, right?!?! We ended up sitting inside. It was still a good meal. When we got home, Ben and I BEGAN packing (at least we had the laundry done!). We left the house around 6 Friday morning for DFW. No problems...we got on our flight and we were off!

Apparently there had been some bad storms in VA that day. We landed in Richmond with no problems, thank the Lord! We drove about an hour to Williamsburg (without the GPS, which thought that we were in California!!)...only the drive took longer because we just SAT in traffic. We got to VA maybe around 1 and decided that we could eat in Williamsburg...bad idea! We counted 4 cars that had run off the road and landed in the trees. YIKES! We got to WB and dropped our stuff off at the resort/condo. We had two 2-bedroom units that were attached. So, 4 bedrooms 2 kitchens, 2 living rooms, 4 bathrooms. They were nice. Ben's mom thought that we were supposed to have 3 rooms w/ king sized beds and one w/ 2 doubles for the kids. Well, the units were identical, so they each had a master bedroom and a bedroom with 2 full sized beds. So, we got the room with 2 full sized beds. Ben was perfectly fine with this...and even a little giddy! His quote was "I think we'll make out just fine!" I told him that I would pay him to say that in front of his family, but he never did. Oh well!

We spent 2 days in Colonial Williamsburg, a day at the beach, a day at Busch Gardens, a day in DC, and one day just hanging out at the resort (we were POOPED!). I'll break up the posts and put some pics and stories up over the next week.

For our flight back, we were listening for the announcement that the flight was overbooked. We didn't think it would be, because who is going from Richmond to Dallas? Well, a LOT apparently! The day before had been HORRIBLE storms in Dallas and all 3 flights were there were close to 40 people on standby! So, once we heard that announcement, we were at the desk and bumped ourselves for $300 EACH of American Airline vouchers!!! We were put on a flight 5 hours later, luckily. (There was a LOT of drama happening and I had a good time people-watching. They were hollerin' like crazy people!) A little while later, the AA worker gave us our seat assignments and we were in first class!!!!!! SERIOUSLY?!?!? It was AAAAAA-MAAAAZING!! We were in the FRONT row, so I could stretch my legs ALL the way out in front of me! (but b/c we were in the front, our bags had to go above us and acutally ended up a few rows I didnt have the camera out. BUMMER!) We were given water (before we took off), hot nuts, soft (or hard) drinks, and dinner!! We got back to DFW around 9:30 and had to shuttle around to find our luggage that had arrived with our original flight. It was a MAD-house b/c of all the problems the day before. Then we shuttled out to our car and drove to our HOME SWEET HOME!!

We were happy to sleep LATE on Saturday and have Sunday to bumm around at home (after church, of course) all day. It was a great vacation...I cant wait to share the pics.


Justin and Gracie O. said...

1st class! awesome!

Justin and Gracie O. said...

oh, ben's comment was too funny! i just forgot to comment about that once i read your "first class" story.

*Courtney* said...

Glad you had a good trip...welcome back! :)

Moore Memories said...

Oh, Ben! He and Chris are so alike behind closed doors! Hey will you call me, I have a question...I sent you an email too. 214-505-0830 :-)

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