Friday, June 19, 2009

First Monday Trade Days June 2009

So, my sister, Michelle and nephew, Bryson, came to Dallas to stay with us for a weekend. But, lets be honest...the real reason that they came was to go to CANTON Trade Days.

It takes us about 50 minutes to get to Canton from my house. We got up EARLY, left before 8, got some Star-bux Frapps and were on our way.

We got great parking and walked to new places to find a bathroom pronto. (There is SO much to see in Canton...I have been a LOT (6 out of the last 8 months-plus many times before that) and have no where NEAR covered all the grounds).

Canton bathrooms are nothing to write home about. They are horrid. And add all the sweat that comes with Canton in June...and it's a recipe for disaster. I have had SUCH traumatic bathroom experiences at Canton (one time, we went to a bathroom "up on the hill" that was not crowded. I thought it would be great. EXCEPT for the fact that I chose the stall by the door and the wind was blowing 70 MPH! The too small shower curtain (that they call a door) was whipping ALL over the place. At one point, I was holding it closed with my left knee and me HEAD while trying to pull my pants up. I was traumatized for life!) So, this time...I'm sitting on the toilet and I feel water spraying my from the stall next to mine. Yep...that's right...I ended up with wet pants. From a toilet. Yum.
After that, we shopped our little hearts out. Bryson had about had it when we found a booth selling "The Backyardagains" and Bryson began saying the names of all the creatures. He had the owners all watching him and laughing! So, KK broke down and bought him a "Pablo" that he carried around the rest of the day. KK saves the day! We even ate a healthy lunch of sandwiches and fruit! (usually in Canton it's all about the corn dogs and funnel cakes!)
Bryson shopping
Us. At the end of the day. Makeup long melted away!
So, I tried to get a pic of this guy and his wife. I didnt succeed...they were looking at my funny! They had on FULL-ON Hawaiian gear. He had a red shirt and hat while she had on blue/yellow shirt and matching capris. And they were both wearing FANNY packs!! I LOVE it!!
Walking back to the car with our purchases. Notice the rug on top of the stroller? It's a ZEBRA runner for my pink room!! LOVE IT!! I stopped FIRST thing and got my sego palm! This was the last one...and I bought it before 9AM.
My FAVE purchase:
I have several of these stone necklaces (which I love!) but needed a black & white one. So, we stopped everywhere and looked, but I didnt see anything I liked. So, I found this booth that you could make your own!! I designed this!!!! We will NEVER tell Ben how much it cost, though. They didnt tell me until the end...I about had a heart attack. They gave me a discount, though. I just used some B-Day $$ that I had & all is well! I LOVE it, though!!
We left around 3 and were hot and nasty. What do you do when you are GROSS and cant cool off?
Bryson did GREAT with this float! He could kick and swim all by himself. The only problem was when he stopped kicking...his feet floated and he landed on his back which he HATED! He loved jumping in and going under. But, he HATED water in his ears. A couple of times, he would just SCREAM and grab his ears!! It was funny!
Here's a video of him jumping in and swimming. Sorry that the videos are sideways!

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