Friday, June 19, 2009

Colonial Williamsburg

So, we got 2 day passes to Colonial Williamsburg and went there on Saturday and Sunday. It was nice weather. Maybe in the lower 90s. Ben's sister & fam live in Chicago, so the kids were DYING and the little one claimed that she couldn't take it anymore.

K and Uncle Ben looking at the sheep

M & K

There were a ton of these things that you could walk into and listen to "actors" talk about doing their "craft" back in the day. (weaver, brick maker, court house, shoe maker...)
This is the weaver.

K having fun with some stuff that she wove (?)

H was entertaining herself. And us!
Auntie K and H

Ben & I got in trouble...
...with K and M

Ben dressing up!

H. I love this pic!
These hats were $32. What in the world?

Aunt Kristina and M and K

M & K are fixing to be 10.
At one point I asked if they needed to "potty." (I was a teacher and I always say potty...even to adults) K said yes and we were headed over to the bathrooms and he said as dry as can be "Aunt Kristina, you can just say 'bathroom'."
It became a joke the rest of the trip.

H and her "Grampy"

I tried to get an artsy/fartsy "walking hand in hand" pic, but this was the best I got!
We went on a ghost tour Sun night. The kids liked the stories.


H likes to pose. She is ever the dramatic one!
(notice her KKs bow!)

The mental hospital. Gotta love the crazies...they give me job security!
The kids LOVED the horses... Grammy & Grampy (how do you spell that?!?) took them on a ride.

We had a good time...but there is only so much "old" stuff one can handle! At one point, we walked into a bldg where a guy was explaining something and H grabbed her mom's face and said "WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?" See, dramatic! I love it!
By the end of the trip, it became a threat "do you want to go back to colonial williamsburg?" and "If you do that, we're going back..."

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Moore Memories said...

What a fun place but I can see how 2 days might be too much! You're such a cool aunt!

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