Sunday, June 28, 2009

Busch Gardens

So, these are in reverse order and I don't feel like changing them...sorry!
We spent Tuesday at Busch Gardens. It started off BLOODY HOT and we were miserable! The kids started on the water rides. Everyone (except Ben's sister and myself) got nice and wet. What a way to start the day!
Around lunch time it started to rain. There were REALLY bad storms in the area. We were eating in this German restaurant, so we didn't get too wet. But, the kids were wet and cold from the previous water rides, so we ended up standing outside under a cover until the rides re-opened. After they re-opened, it was GREAT...there were NO lines!!
Ben's family doesn't do roller coasters or things that spin. So, I rode several things with the kids (like tea cups) that involved going in circles! Ben's sister's husband, Ben, and I rode an AWESOME roller coaster that hangs you from the top & your feet hang. It was SO much fun! I had to bribe Ben to ride it with me. But, that bribe won't be shared ;).
"VA is for lovers" is what they say!
On the trolley back to the car. It had been a LONG, but good day!

leaving the park

Auntie K and H at the wolf show. Makeup melted away long before!

After everyone (except Ben's sister and myself) went a first time, the kids wanted to go again. Guess who took them?


Waiting to be splashed on the bridge

The kids waiting on the bridge. I love H running away!
M and Grover

The kid's first roller coaster of the day!
But not the last!!

This roller coaster is called the Griffin. I am still bummed that no one would ride it with me. Ben's sister's husband chickened out when he saw this. There was a 90 degree (SERIOUSLY) drop. They would take you to the edge, and hang you over for about 5 seconds before they dropped you. It made my stomach flip-flop watching, but I would have ridden it!!!! Wienies!!

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