Monday, June 29, 2009

6.20.97 and 6.22.02

(So, this is a week late, but I found that our scanner is SLOW! And, Ben has been bringing home work to do on the computer, so I haven't had a lot of time on here to scan and edit.)

June 20th 1997:

At Camp Ch-Yo-Ca, we became "us."

(This pic was taken on that day. We showed up for breakfast in the same shirt. )

(People make fun of me for remembering the date, but we were in High School, people, that's what you do!! And you also "go together." Where? I dunno. You just do!)

We grew up together! Worked at Camp together!

In April of 2001 I was living in Abilene, TX and he was living in Lubbock, TX.
He shows up at my door:

And I said "YES!"

Pics were taken:

We set the date.
Invitations were mailed:

And the day FINALLY came!! 5 years later:

June 22, 2002:

More pics were taken

There was an aisle, vows, rings, candle, kiss:

We left:

And went on a cruise:

We headed back to Lubbock to set up our first home/tiny apartment in the ghettos:

Had our first child dog:

Rustee Blue Stephens

Then, we moved to Dallas to the #2 most dangerous neighborhood. Awesome.

And eventually to our home in the suburbs:

For 12 years you have been my everything! I love you more today than I ever thought I could! You have been my rock and my peace. I love that I have never seen you angry and I love that you don't fall into the "norm." You are the perfect compliment to me. I thank God everyday for that "Band trip" and the moment that something "clicked" for us. I cannot wait to make you a are going to be more wonderful than you know! Thank you for loving me, spoiling me, and treating me better than I deserve. I am so in love with you, Ben Stephens!!!!
With all my love,


Ben said...

I am the luckiest guy in the world to be married to you! You make everything fun and exciting and I can't imagine where I would be without you! Every day I fall more in love with you! I love you more! -Ben

Moore Memories said...

OK, nothing I can say compares to Ben's comment! So sweet!

*Courtney* said...

Okay, seriously, I love it all! You and Ben are just adorable...happy anniversary!

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