Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Since the surgery...

(Sorry this may be boring, but it's been my life since surgery last Wed!)

I had my 2nd histeroscopy on Wednesday of last week. My mom came into town Tues night to be with us. We grilled some awesome chicken and had a great dinner and watched American Idol and voted like mad women for KRIS!!

I had to be AT the surgery center at 6 AM Wed morning! GAG! That meant leaving the house before 5:30 and waking up before 5. And I didn't sleep much the night before. It was TOO early...but at least I got to go to sleep later! Nothing really eventful happened before the surgery. I went to sleep and woke up to Dr. Putman coming in to talk to me, my mom, and Ben. (Usually I remember waking up in the recovery room and having my mom and Ben come in later, but not this time. I remember NOTHING) Dr P said that he found 2 more fibroids. One was pretty large and when he removed it, another one popped up so he took it out, too. HOPEFULLY these were there the first time, he just didn't see them b/c the massive one took his time/attention. HOPEFULLY these have not grown back in 8 weeks. After he said this, I fell asleep. But, he apparently told my mom and Ben that he feels like it was a success and that we are on the road to getting pregnant. He put in another IUD which will be there for 4 weeks (and will have to come out...YUCK!) and I have to wear progesterone patches until then.

With my surgery 8 weeks ago, I was pretty alert and self sufficient even before leaving the hospital. NOT THIS TIME. I could barely sit up and had to have help sitting up, getting dressed, and going to the bathroom before we left. When we got home, I went straight to bed and didn't make it through 1 show until well after 4. I was out of it and totally dazed!! Ben's mom and brother came over to move stuff in and I just stayed in my bed w/ the door closed. Leah brought dinner and I talked to her for a bit and was finally feeling a bit back to normal. My mom, Ben, Ben's mom, and Ben's brother all ate in the kitchen and I ate in bed...I was NOT coming out!! His mom & brother left to go to the hotel, so I ventured out to the couch to watch the AI result show. As soon as they announced KRIS had won, I paused it and just gasped and had my mouth hanging WIDE open for a minute or so. It was SUPER exciting!!!! YEAH KRIS!!!
Thursday morning, my mom was leaving around lunch, so I got up and ate breakfast and took a shower. We got red beans into the crock pot for dinner. She brought me lunch before she left (even though Bueno sent the wrong thing!) around 12:30. Ben's mom & brother came close to 2, so I was up for the rest of the day. I made a couple of bows (Minnie Mouse for a 2 year old B-day party!) and just tried to stay awake! Ben came home and we had a yummy dinner of spicy red beans and rice and had an uneventful night.

Friday, I got up and Ben drove me to work (we try to ride together a lot). I got some work done and was ready to leave at lunch. I was pooped and my head was all fuzzy. At 1, he came and got me and took me home. We ate leftovers for lunch, Ben's brother left to drive their mom to the airport, Ben tucked me into bed and went back to work. I think that being up all day Thurs and working on Friday did me IN! I vaguely remember Ben coming home from work around 6. He came in at 7:30 and asked what I wanted for dinner. He picked up Chilis and brought it home.
Saturday, I woke up at 9 and took a pain pill. Slept until Ben woke me up at 1 for lunch. Took another pain pill and went BACK to sleep and woke up at 7 for dinner. I tried to stay awake for a few hours then. Ben asked if I wanted a pain pill and I said "I would like to be awake for more than 2 hours today, so I'll wait until bed!" I guess my body needed that!! I missed $1 flip flop day at Old N__vy! I'm so bummed!!!!!!!

Sunday we went to church and I came home and took a nap. But not too long! Monday I was feeling MUCH better, but was glad to have the day off. I actually got bored! I wanted to do something. ANYTHING. But, there was not much to do. We cooked out for a late lunch, read outside laying on the trampoline, played ping pong, and a whole lotta nothing!!

Tuesday it was back to work and a long day at that! It was a GriefWorks night (I will explain later) so we had grief groups from 6-9. I worked from 9-5, had a client from 5-6 (well, 6:30) and GriefWorks from 6-9. It turned out that there was only 1 teen for my group and it was game night. So, she joined the middle group and I went home.

Well, really I went to Susan's for a pampered chef party. I was an hour late, but oh well! I ordered a couple of things. Ronda, Leah, and I were standing outside in the street talking after everyone had left (infertility talk mostly. we all go to the same Dr...both those girls have been at it MUCH longer than me and are both pregnant!!). We kept moving TOWARDS our cars, but stopping to talk more. Susan's husband and little boy had come home by this time and we could see Jack & Emma looking at us through the blinds. Right as we were leaving, they came out and said "Mommy said you can come eat ice cream." We all said that we needed to leave (lightening circling us, seriously!!) So, they turned around to walk back in...but Jack turned and said "But, I, I, will share mine wiff you." HOW SWEET IS THAT?!?!? We still turned him down and walked to our cars and actually left this time. After that, it was home to my home full of boys and basketball.

I was in quite a bit of pain from a long day, but didn't take a pain pill, b/c apparently they make me sleep days away!!!

Today, I got to work at 9 and by 9:30 I was already so mad that I was in tears.

I cry when I'm angry...and this morning about did me in.


Can I blame surgery? And the hormone patch on my tummy? I do!!

And...tomorrow's my Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!


Stacy said...

Happy Birthday Kristina!! I hope you take some time just to enjoy your day! :) I just wanted to let you know that I have been reading your blog for a little while now. I really enjoy reading what you write, and I am praying for you and Ben.

*Courtney* said...

Happy Happy Birthday Kristina!!! I'm so glad you made it through this past week. And I'm glad your Dr. seems very positive about this last surgery, looks like your headed in the direction of preggo!

Know that you are in my prayers. Maybe I'll see you at Canton Saturday. :) Enjoy your special day of celebration.

Moore Memories said...

Happy Birthday! I JUST know this year has great things in store for you!!!! Hang in there tough girl!

annalee said...

i hope you had a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and are feeling much better!

Becky said...

Ah Kristina - I have a daughter who stuggles with infertility too. She always wanted to be a mom. I watched her as her siblings began their families and she could not. She handled everything with much more grace than I did. I grieved for her. Deeply. She too had surgery. And more surgery. One day God said, 'Yes! Yes! Yes!'. Her husband said that God was saying, 'You have been so patient. I'm catching you up now!'

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