Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I voted for Kris...

A lot...
American Idol last night. These are the final 3 that I have been saying would be here, since day 1. I have loved Danny since his first audition. But, lately, Kris has been my fave. Both of them are worship leaders at their churches. Did you know that? So cool!!
Danny has had more ups and downs, while Kris has been constant.
"I love them both"
were the words out of my mouth last night.
They have both had "moments" that almost had me in tears.
One of those was Danny last night. When he sang "You are so beautiful" and had tears in his eyes, I almost lost it. You can just SEE the emotion in him when he sings, especially when you can tell that it's about his wife.
I was worried for Kris last week, so I voted for him. A lot. I just kept hitting redial. Last night, I have a feeling that Danny pulled in the votes with his last song, so I voted for Kris again. A lot.
I would LOVE to see Danny and Kris in the finale, but I am not very optimistic about this. Especially with the way that the judges favored Adam so much.
Can we talk about Adam for a minute? GROSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's all I have to say! Ben was in the bathroom when Adam started singing his first song and as soon as he started making those faces (mouth turned down, sad sad face) I paused the DVR and said "OH MY GAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH..." and I heard Ben laugh (from the bathroom!!). I hollered, "I'm going to wait for you before I finish this one." He came back in and said "Is he making faces?" That's my boy...he understands! So, I rewound and showed him and we watched in horror as he sang that U2 song. It was not even recognizable. And really, Adam, did we need your tongue to come out in a slow song?!?!? I almost lost my dinner! Grody!!!!! Then the 2nd song, of course was screaming Adam.
I still say that he is a good singer and has good stage presence, but I by NO means want to hear his screaming and gasping on an entire CD. He is PERFECT for Broadway, though. Go for that! But, please, go away!!!!
About the gasping...I keep forgetting to bring this up. Have you guys noticed it? When he takes in a breath he literally gasps. It's so overly dramatic and it adds to my pure dislike.
I am going to be SO sad tonight if one of my boys goes home. If it does happen to be Adam, I think you will hear my shouts of "HALLELUJAH" around the world!
We'll see what happens tonight! I honestly cant predict this one. I don't think anyone can. Everyone has SUCH strong opinions about each of them. (and remember that these are MY opinions...even though I think they are RIGHT, I understand if you don't agree-even if you are choosing to be wrong) ;)
I'm off to download "You are so beautiful" now. Later this week I will try to find some of my all time FAVE A.I. moments and post them!
W/ love,


Justin and Gracie O. said...

Yeah, you can't really eat when Adam is singing. He'll ruin your dinner for sure. I loved Danny and Kris, but think Kris will have more of a shot of winning against Adam. In the end, I think all three will come out with albums and do well in their genres, as opposed to previous seasons' top 3.

Justin and Gracie O. said...

Oh, but all of the judges' infatuation with Adam is what really makes me sick! It was so hard to watch Simon gush with the ladies for the last two nights.

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