Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Weekend of no pics

Saturday I woke up before 7 (AM, DUH!) and went to the ASPASIANS Craft Fair on the Rockwall square with Courtney P. We decided that we are not good at shopping together b/w we talk each other IN to buying things instead of OUT of buying things! It was SO much fun, though!! We both got some awesome chunky stone necklaces similar to these:
(yes, I said SOME. I even got 1 for a $1)
Then, we went to a brunch with our Bible class girls from church. (There were more girls there, but the pic was taken at the end)

When I got home from the brunch, I had enough time to change clothes and fix my humidity hair before we took off to ride the:

to the:

to sit in section 112, row O:

and watch the:
beat the
We also saw noise makers similar to these fall from the sky w/ a lighted end (it made the COOLEST effect above us. I got mad at Ben for not letting me take the camera!) B said that they looked like "sp__m." I agreed.

Then we rode the:

(to this actual station!)

where we sat on the 2nd floor patio and ate yummy food using part of the gift card from the:

After dinner, we rode back home and watched:

Where we may or may not have needed:
because Marley reminds us so much of:

Even down to the "lambie."
One thing that is not similar is mine and Jennifer Aniston's:
(I LOVE LOVE LOVE her hair...why cant mine do that?!?)
After the movie, I made a casserole for our Bible class Pot luck after church on Sunday.
Then we came home and slept for EVER.
It was a great weekend!
I truly LOVED the game and even used the clapper things to make noise (even though I couldn't even HEAR MY OWN clapper!) It was SO much better than the last game we went to.
After the game people were still hootin' & hollerin' in the concourse as well as on the trains! These fans are SERIOUS! Glad that we got to experience that.
We cant wait for the rails to get to Rowlett, so that we can jump on 5 minutes from our house and go gallivanting downtown/uptown without having to drive or park!
I hope that you all had wonderful weekends, too!
(blame Ben that I don't have pics of the "sp_rm" or confetti-or the game of course!)

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Moore Memories said...

Love Aspasians! We were there too!

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