Wednesday, April 15, 2009

AI thoughts:

OK, so it's not a live blog, but here are some quick thoughts on American Idol. (Let's see if this can be brief) I don't know if I am getting the order right, but I'll try.

Allison-they thought she did good? What in the world? When she sang, Ben looked up from frantically finishing the taxes (he barely looked up when I walked in the door or brought him dinner) and made a face. There were some REALLY bad parts. It could have been great, but it wasn't. She is still good, though and deserves to go on. It's obvious to me that the producers are telling the judges to PUSH her.

Anoop-I know that the judges like his "balladeer"i-ness, but I am getting bored. I DO love that song, though, and he did a great job on it. I just feel like he's lost something of himself.

Adam-UGGG. Notice the lights? I did, immediately. I will say it again, awesome singer with amazing control. BUT, it's SO theatrical. I can't handle it. Make it stop!!! It's the same with him week after week. It's either rocky and shrill screaming or a slow controlled overly-dramatic. The judges are LOVING him and I think are being told to PUSH him on us. I also can't handle his face when he sings...the whole downturned mouth and flattened tongue when he SCREAMS. Really...look next time!

Matt-BAD song choice! His facial expressions are too much for me. BORING. He's in trouble. It's such a bi-polar ride for him (and yes, I just used the over-used "catch phrase" of the year). He's great one week and STINK to high heaven the next week. That's not good enough for me. I'm over him.

Danny-He loves to tug at our heart strings. This song started out SUPER bad, but he pulled it out at the end. I had a moment. Did you notice that he had his wedding ring back on? Man, I almost lost it when he sang "no one else will do." You could just FEEL him when he was singing. That's huge to be able to do that...I teared up a little.

Kris-I didn't know this song, but I LOVED it! Randy is smokin crack if he thinks that it was "pitchy" (again, I think the producers want him to be downplayed, or non-pushed). He was amazing and hit the high notes without screaming, like a few others that we know (*cough*adam*cough) . He is very quickly becoming my fave!!! Ben always loves his "last note moments."

Lil-Oh Lil! That's about all I know what to say. She is NOT hearing the judges at all and I think she is in MAJOR trouble for it. They keep calling it a karaoke performance...wasn't she a wedding singer before? I cant remember exactly, but I think that's right. She cant seem to get out of that mode. I liked the gospel flair that she added, but she added TOO much. Too many riffs (like how I used the new Idol buzz word?) and too many off key moments! That last note was a KILLER!

OK, so another observation...the show obviously caught a lot of flack from cutting off Adam's performance last week (I personally wished that people would have forgotten to vote...). So, this week they did the whole "2 judges get to critique thing."

Well, what doesn't make since to me is that they only went over by one singer last week and this week they are one singer shouldn't this add up to perfect timing? Hire me, please.

So, they only let 2 judges talk (which is fine, but I want to hear Simon every time!) and the fill time with a lot of FLUFF and non-since and STILL went over on the time. If you are worried about the timing, don't do the pre-video pre-singing interview. They are boring! There was some bad producing going on last night! What in the world?!?!?

The bottom: Matt, Lil (and I still pray Adam)
The top: Kris, Danny (still a fave, but he's slipping to Kris!)
Who goes home? Lil. Once she goes, it's going to be harder to have a bottom 2 or 3...the competition is getting stiff.

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Sherri's Southern Style said...

Oh Good! I'm not the only "Not a fan" of Adam. CAN. NOT. STAND.

Danny is stil my Favorite, followed closely by Kris.

I think Lil is going home, Matt is in serious trouble, then Anoop.

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