Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A.I. (a little late) with pics!

I never know what to blog about. I don't know that anyone cares that we cleaned out the garage for 6 hours 2 weekends ago (and it looks super!) or that we had wonderful friends over this past Sat. for our church small group (one in heart) or that we played some rockin' pink pong with said group.

It just seems strange to blog about the randoms things that happen each day. I'll try to do better. And I need to get batteries for my camera so that I can DOCUMENT everything

We'll be in section 112 (one of the blue ones behind the right basket) in row O.

So, here are my AI opinions. Ben has come to LOVE my commentary and my stopping and starting of the DVR. Seriously.

First let me ask about the kick off show and that Ford commercial. What is that for?!?! It's not like that commercial is on TV at ANY other time during the week. And really, AI, the lip syncing is just BAD BAD BAD!!
For this week's kick off, did anyone else notice that the disco singers (were those REALLY the biggest 70s names they could get?) sounded BAAAAAD. And David Archuleta started off BAAAAAAD. Even Ben commented on that!
For a quick synopsis about the singers:
Lil Rounds - “I’m Every Woman” -when this started, I thought "this could be GREAT." But it wasn't. Good singer, but it was too much!! And I cant handle the back talk!

Kris Allen - “She Works Hard For The Money” - (ps-the original version is my ring tone when people from work call me...well, people from Mesquite, still...may have to download HIS version)-LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!! Still a crooked mouthed singer, but I can get over that. LOVE!!!!!!!!!

Danny Gokey - “September” - Great performance. I agree with Paula for once..."sexy voice." I love the dirtiness/smokiness to his voice. But, I also agree w/ Simon that he's a bit clumsy. Clumsy I can live with, though!

Allison Iraheta - “Hot Stuff” - She is 16 years old. Why is she singing this? I still think she mumbles and there is just something odd about her jaw when she sings. I'm not a fan, but she can sing. Notice the lights? (AND, I think the judges were told to OVERLY push her so that we vote for her)

Adam Lambert - “If I Can’t Have You” -MAJOR lightage going on for Adam! CAN'T STAND HIM! I KNOW that it was a good performance, but's the same this week to week.
It's either crazy and screaming:
with the crazy flattened tongue & down turned mouth:
or, it's Mr. Serious with the white lights and sad downturned mouth singing:
Did you see Paula's face when he was singing? I almost gagged!!! I told Ben "if he sang like that to me, he would NEVER have me."
(PS. If you look for pics of Adam on g0O@gle images, be prepared to be disturbed by him kissing other guys. I'm just sayin...guard your eyes!)

Matt Giraud - “Stayin’ Alive” - Good job, but it was time for a good week from him. He has a bad week, good week, bad week pattern going (better known as an ABA pattern for you teachers out there). Still not a fan. (I think the judges were told to downplay him)

Anoop Desai - “Dim All The Lights” - oh no! There is something about his face when he sings serious that annoys me, too, but I cant describe it. Then, it got all fast and he was still over singning it like he would a ballad. Rough night! And get RID of the 'stach, gross!
So the results? Lil and Anoop went home.
That's fine, I think Matt will go next week, then Allison.
My final 3 are Kris, Danny, and Adam. I have a feeling that Adam will be in the finals, but I will be voting when that time comes hoping that he's not!!! I am pushing for Kris and Danny in the finals.
That's all.
I really am a nice person. I'm just opinionated and you don't have to agree (even if I'm right). ;)

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