Friday, April 24, 2009

8 years ago this week...

...Ben proposed!
I cant remember the exact date, but I THINK it was April 20th, 2001. It was the 20 something-ith of April.
(The weekend before this, we had gone to 6 flags with friends from WM and went to church in Kaufman, TX (Easter?) where our old youth minister preached and had lunch with them. Mike kept bugging Ben about when was he finally going to propose. It's funny now that it happened right after that! Apparently, Ben's dad had told Mike that Ben had the ring. Everyone knew, as you will later see...)
It was finals week of my first semester at ACU. We had been to Dallas the week before and Ben was coming to Abilene the weekend after this one, so he was under STRICT guidelines to NOT come this weekend. I am a procrastinator and had a MILLION projects to do and finals to study for. Like, seriously, a MILLION projects (creative finals for Education majors!).
I had gone to a McMurray Univ. baseball game with one of my roommates, Amanda. Her sister's husband played and I think that Susan, Amanda's sister, was singing the National Anthem.
What I DIDN'T know was that Ben had called Amanda and Kristy, my other roommate, and told them what he was up to (he had also called my parents to ask permission). He asked Amanda and Kristy to leave a door unlocked if we left so that he could come in and put flowers and candles in my room.
Well, I think that they forgot! So, when Ben got to the house, we were gone and it was locked!
We came back later and I started washing dishes. (I looked AWESOME...sweaty from a baseball game with dishwater hands) Not TOO long after we got back the doorbell rang and I was closest, so I answered it.
There was Ben standing there is a shirt and tie (that I had bought for him) with a bouquet of flowers (that he had brought from Lubbock). All he said was "Hi. Do you want to go for a walk?" I was SERIOUSLY flustered. All I remember is sayin "What are you doing here, you were not supposed to come this weekend."
Then, I am pretty sure that I shut the door in his face.
I ran to Amanda & Kristy's room and fell on the floor next to Amanda, who was on the computer that sat on the floor (we were classy like that!). I said something to the effect of:
Then, I ran out to save poor Ben who had the door slammed in his face!
Since the candles in the room didn't work out, he had driven around and found a park. So, we get into his car and he drives to this park. The whole time I am saying "What are you doing here?" and he just kept saying "I just want to take a walk with you."
We pulled up to this park (in the ghetto somewhere, bless his little heart!) and he said, let's get out and swing. OBVIOUSLY, I know what's coming, but I followed his lead. We went and swung and I'm sure MAYBE kissed a little!
After a little while, I notice him looking intently into the sand. Since, I know what is coming I watch but try to be inconspicuous. He is, sure enough, SEARCHING in the sand!
What was I supposed to do?!?!? I couldn't ask what he was looking for! Poor thing. I just kept swinging and then acted like I didn't see him looking at the ground. I finally said "OK, I'm going to go slide now..." and walked up the slide and slid down.
When I got to the bottom, he was standing at the end. The next thing I know, he nervously says some things and ends with: "I want to spend the rest of my life with you, will you marry me?"
My response? "But, you're not on your kneeeeeeeeeeee!"
(I'm horrible, I know...but I was still sitting on the slide, so I was looking up at him)
So, he got down on his knee, eye level with me and asked again (laughing). Of course I said
After that, we ran to United (the grocery store) where my other roommate, Kristy, worked to tell her. She ran around the store to all her co-workers and said "My roommates engaged!!!!" Then, we went home and took the proper "hand on the chest" pictures (by Amanda). Ben is in his shirt and tie and I am in a club tee shirt from HU w/ little makeup.
It's one of my favorite pictures!!
Then, we called my parents (who already knew), my sister M (who ran and jumped on my MaMas bed-or is that a "mama story?"-since they were already in bed), our friends who were all together playing volleyball in WM, and Ben's family.
The next day, I got my nails done. DUH, if people were going to look at my hand, they would need to see pretty nails!! Then, Ben had instructions to leave me alone and let me do my projects. I was a bit distracted, but got them finished.
My roommates were both from Lubbock and Kristy was headed back on Sunday for something and would be coming back to Abilene Monday night. I only had 1 class on Mondays (that I skipped a LOT for long weekends in Lubbock...Thurs-Monday...OOPS!!) so I skipped it and rode back to Lubbock with Ben and would ride back with Kristy. We stayed LATE on Monday for a family thing for Kristy (and her MiMi told me that SHE knew that Ben was proposing! WHAT?! Ben's dad apparently told her?). I don't think that we left Lubbock until 11 PM and then the girl driving got lost (?) so we didn't get home until the WEE hours of the morning! When I got up Tuesday morning, I noticed that I had a paper to write...due in an hour or so! So, I took a shower, got simi-ready, and wrote what I am sure was a high quality paper/journal review (on the computer on the floor)!!
That's what I remember from that weekend 8 years ago!! The date was set for June 22, 2002.
The rest is our wonderful history!!

(I will try to scan and post some pics this weekend!)

Hope you enjoyed a glimpse into our weekend 8 years ago,
(it wont let me do the spacing I want...I'm annoyed!!!)


The Moore Family said...

What a sweet, perfect story! I love it! You and Ben are amazing.

Chris & Amanda said...

He clearly called Kristy - because I don't remember a call and you know I would have remembered to leave the door open :)

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