Monday, March 16, 2009

Our weekend:

We had a great weekend! Last week, Ben said "Let's go out Friday night, like to dinner and a movie." So, I told him that he had to pick the movie and restaurant...which is a HUGE burden for him, apparently! He started talking about "Ralph & Kacoos" in Allen (he doesn't like seafood at this is a sacrifice on his part, but when he suggests seafood I jump!) but then we decided on "Dodies" in Rockwall at the Harbor. That way we could do dinner and a movie at the same place!

I was going to eat crawfish. I know that Dodie's has mediocre crawfish, but it's crawfish none the less. Call me a snob, but Dodie's has squishy crawfish (which means it was frozen and not fresh) and the flavor is ALMOST when you lick your fingers you can taste the spice and the corn is spicy. The crawfish is not spicy at all. GOOD crawfish is fresh (like when you walk back to the bathroom you see live crawfish that have escaped) and so spicy that your lips burn for hours after eating!!!
We went fairly early compared to the movie time...crawfish takes time, people! However, the crawfish was $9.99 a pound and $19.99 for 2.5 pounds. SERIOUSLY?!?!? For a GOOD meal, it takes 4-5 pounds and I wasn't paying THAT for squishy non-spicy crawfish. So, I settled for the boiled shrimp. Guess we will have to make a trip to WM for some Cormiers, the BEST crawfish out there!!!! EVER!!! I can feel my lips burnin' just thinking about it!!
The boiled shrimp at Dodies was VERY yummy! It had the same spices that you can get on the corn & your fingers from the crawfish, BUT the shrimp holds onto the spices. They were very spicy and very good!!

It was a rainy and SUPER cold so after getting the boiled shrimp smells off my fingers (using crackers, lemons, and a wet one) we headed straight to the movie theater. We saw the late showing of "Slumdog Millionaire."

I don't know where I've been, but I didn't know what this was about. It was VERY good. We were both impressed. We didn't get home until after midnight, so we crashed and slept LATE Saturday.

Saturday night we went to Courtney's house for our church "One in Heart" monthly get together (small group). We had yummy pizza and awesome fellowship/camaraderie (for all you HU people!) We were blessed to spend time with great friends!

Sunday was church and more time with friends in class! For lunch we ate at Houlihans at Firewheel. We had never been but were not too impressed. Their menu was VERY random! Then we went home for what else, but Sunday afternoon naps!!! After that I made bows, bows, bows!! I finished a bunch that I have worked on and made some CUTE pink/brown piggy tail ones for a special little girl!

I hope you guys had great weekends!! Can't wait to hear about them!

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