Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Idols live blog

OK, so here it is live. (well, actually I've already watched a couple of them...I'm going back, though!) These are the comments that I make to Ben while we are watching.

What is with the new "announce the judges through the curtain bit?" It's getting on my nerves!

Anoop: As soon as I heard "Usher" I cringed. I was bored. I didn't think it sounded good and I just kept eating while he was singing. I am glad that he got to have fun, but he loses the vocal magic that he has when he does a ballad.

Thank you Anoop for not talking back and being respectful to the judges...

Meghan: Why in the world did she not do Natasha Bedingfield, Colbie Caliet, or Adell (I dont know how to spell any of those)? The judges have been telling her OVER and OVER that she is current like them...but did she listen? NO! What in the world?!? This was JUST BAD! I was bored and it sounded bad! She LOOKED better last week when she HELD the mic and we didn't have to watch her BAD BAD BAD dancing or swaying. Ben said "does she always sound like this?"

Danny: As soon as he said that he was doing "Rascall Flatts" I was already in love! Danny can sing and REALLY get the audience into his feelings! His singing was not 100% what I love about him, but he did a really good job. Did anyone else notice that he isn't wearing a wedding ring anymore? That just made me SO SAD...and when I played it after saying that to Ben he did his "Come back to me..." part and I had a moment! I may download it. We'll see.

Does anyone else think that girl with the pink flower in her hair is odd? I rewound it a couple of times to get a good giggle out of her...

Allison: Umm...her hair? OH, and Allison has "the lights" (Idol is INFAMOUS about having "the special lights" for their faves. Adam, Danny, and Allison have already had them this season. It's either the black & white, or harsh white spot lights, flashing lights with flashing background, or red lights. Just notice from now on...) Back to Allison, she is doing OK but it looks like she is going to have a brain aneurysm when she sings. She stresses SO hard. Her mouth still gets on my nerves and I cant understand what she is saying most of the time. Maybe she can visit KK's BOWtique and get a bow for her hair next week!

Scott: Oh Scott, of course you have a piano. I am already cringing and it's only his interview-pre thing. (Ben doesn't want to watch it and have him ruin "Just the way you are" forever). Are his stylists just being mean to the blind man? What's with the mullet? I want to fast forward SO SO SO bad...I can't take it anymore!! He can SERIOUSLY play the piano, though! He has MAD MAD skills and can play the piano for me ANYTIME...just PLEASE don't sing!!!!!

Does Simon really like it? WHAT IN THE WORLD?!? ONE OF THE BEST OF THE NIGHT? I wish you could hear me YELLING at the TV. I think someone (judges) got the word to "push for Scott" so that Megan gets kicked off.

Matt: I don't know how it's going to go over singing a song that's a hit right now. Starting REALLY shaky. He's having some ROUGH parts. His voice is usually OK for me when he is not doing his overly-vibratoey-vibrato (which he is doing) but tonight he seems off, or should I say "pitchy." He shouldnt leave, yet, though.

Oooohhh, Paula's not lovin her boy...where has the world gone?

Lil: Come on, Lil. Oh, it's not looking good! The judges have TOLD her to do Mary J and Alicia Keys, and she's picking Celine? What?!? She is trying too hard to please!! Please don't eat the mic. (she got the white light) She did OK, better than I thought and better than her practice! We know that she's got a great big voice, but this was a bit boring for me. She's got chops, though. I don't think she knows WHAT to sing w/ her big ol' voice.

Look at her sweet kids!!!! OH, and the hug!!!!!! My heart is melting!!!!

Adam: Oh Adam, what is going to happen? (look at the lights from last week...see?) Funky music...OH NO! I don't know if I can watch. Paula's lovin' it. Flashing lights, flashy background... Anyone else notice that he flattens out his tongue when he hits those high notes? It's getting on my nerves. I will SO SO SO admit that he can sing, seriously SAAANG...but I seriously can't stand him!!!! Again, if he sang that to me I would laugh...it's NOT hott at ALL. But, he can sing. Still too Broadway-ish for me and I dont see him being a radio sensation.

I love that they are putting Kris last! There's always a plan behind the order.

Kris: Red lights... I LOVE me some Kris, but he's such a "side singer" that I cant watch too closely. (have you noticed that I notice mouths? It's just something that bothers me. I cant HANDLE watching Christian Bail as Batman b/c of his mouth!!!!!!!) Back to Kris, he's doing AWESOMELY. If I were his wife, I would make him sing to me every night!! How lucky is she?!?!? His last note needed some work. I love that his singing is so soft, yet so powerful! Danny and Adam are such power singers, but watch out b/c here comes Kris!! Must go download...

OK, on the playback it went from Adam to Kris. When Adam came on I said "oh my gaah" and then it was Kris and it was just like "ahhhh!!" I've said before that I love me a boy that can sing and Kris' (and Danny's) voice is what I am talking about.

Gosh, do I sound mean? I'm really not, promise!! I'll say it again, I am by NO MEANS on the show and NEVER in my wildest dreams could be. So, more power too them!

Faves: Danny & Kris (its no secret)
Worst: Meghan, Scott, Adam

Who's leaving? I think Meghan will go, but I hope it's Scott!

Hope you enjoyed it. I'll do a blog later this week that is NOT about TV.

(while I am finishing, Ben is finally watching last week's "The Office" and what is with the new theme song?)


Sherri's Southern Style said...

HI! Visiting from BooMama. I like Dany and Kris too! Megan SHOULD GO.

Smoochiefrog said...

Megan needs to go in more ways than one.

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