Friday, March 27, 2009

The BEST idea...

OK, so I have not seen last night's "The Office" but I hear it was CRAZY at the end (and some DVRs cut it off!!). Anyway, last week I had the BEST idea for the show.

Someone get NBC's attention, please.

So, you know how "The Office" is supposed to be a reality show...

And you know how all reality shows have an end of the season get back together (Bachelor-Women Tell All, Survivor, Real Housewives...) where they recap the season and a hosts brings up all the drama that was caused behind the scenes and who said what about who.

Are you following?

SO...the Office should have a "reunion" as their season finale. It occurred to me when Kelly said something tacky about Angela while they were "fighting" over the new manager guy. I thought "its so sad that we wont get to see Angela's reaction to seeing that." And that's when it HIT me!!!!!!!!! They need a host to bring up all these comments and let them "discuss" them in an open forum. It would, of course, be in the office's "fake reality scripted" glory.

HOW GREAT would that be?!?!?!

Call me, NBC!!! (but don't steal the idea)

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