Wednesday, March 18, 2009

American Idol Opinions

If you know me, you know that I always have an opinion!!! So, while watching American Idol, I always pause the DVR to tell my comments to Ben. Maybe I should blog during the show, like BooMama. You may not agree with my opinions (I admit that I couldn't do it), but I felt the need to share. No one at work is watching, so I have no one who understands!!! It was country week. I like country week and I always like to see what the non-country singers do with shows versatility if they can perform well on country week!

Michael Sarver - “Ain’t Goin’ Down ‘Til The Sun Comes Up” - I've never been a huge fan of his and this was just OK for me. His facial expressions were getting on my nerves. He has a good voice, but he's not my fave.

Allison Iraheta - “Blame It On Your Heart” -She chose the perfect country song for her. Again, I cant handle her facial expressions and the way her mouth is shaped when she sings, but this is just my pet peeve. She sang great but had a little too much vibrato at times.

Kris Allen - “To Make You Feel My Love” - Loved it!! Ben said that he didn't really pick a "country song" since this was Billy Joel first, but he still thought he did a great job! If I were his wife, I would want him to sing this to me over and over again!! I love this song and he has a voice that I love!

Lil Rounds - “Independence Day” - Oh Lil (or Little as Simon kept calling her)! She flopped. No one said that she couldn't put a R&B twist to it. She sang it straight and boring! The original song isn't even that boring...her arrangement stank. It was way to staccato-y and just down right boring. That girl could have done some great things, but oh well!

Adam Lambert - “Ring of Fire” -UGGG!! Are you kidding me?!?!? First of all, understand that I cant STAND Adam!! I HATE his high voice...I mean SERIOUSLY as a woman who MELTS when a guy has an awesome voice, I would LAUGH if he tried to "woo" me with his voice!!! The judges have always loved his stage presence-well, DUH, he toured with "Wicked" and was in a movie. Paula always loves the boys with high voices so of course she LOVES her some Adam. GROSS!! And this song????? This is a LOW song to begin with...where did he find this arrangement? I mean, good for him for finding something that was his style...but I hated every second of it!!! (but I always hate his songs!) I WILL admit that he has aMAZing control of his voice. It was WAY too theatrical! The judges used to get onto him for that and mid-way through I stopped it and said "He looks like he should be in 'Phantom' and I hope the judges jump all over him for being over the top." I'm ready to see him go, but I have a feeling he's be there in the end...

(when they said Scott was next, I said "UGG...the 2 boys I cant stand back to back")

Scott MacIntyre - “Wild Angels” - You can all BOO me now, but I have said for WEEKS now that this guy cant sing!!!!! Since Hollywood, I have said it and also said that ONE DAY, the judges will turn on him for his weak voice. Well, of course he got to the top 13 and here we are. That day came... They cant really jump on him when his voice has been weak all along. Don't get me wrong, he can carry a tune and has a NICE voice...but AI worthy? NOOOOOO. They go on and on about his talent and him being blind like they go hand in hand. Just because he can carry a tune and is blind isn't a huge feat. If he were deaf, that would be different. Now, he has MAD MAD MAD piano skills and that paired with being blind are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT amazes me...but this is not a piano competition. So, for this song, great piano but not so much for the nasal vocals! AND it annoys me when they talk back!!!

Alexis Grace - “Jolene” - I've always been an Alexis fan. This was OK. I think she could have chosen a better song. In theory this should have been good but something wasn't quite right.

Danny Gokey - “Jesus Take The Wheel” - First, let me say that Danny is my #1 FAVORITE!!! This one was shaky. The verses were not strong, but really that's how the song is written...get through the verses so you can belt at the end. When he belted it, I got chills. I was thinking about his wife dying and was holding my breath that he would make it through. He sounded a bit scratchy, but he made it. He can sing to me ANY day!!!!!! That is my kid of voice!!!!!!

Anoop Desai - “You Were Always On My Mind” - Awesome choice. When knew this boy had chops and he picked the perfect song to show them!

Megan Joy Corkrey- “Walkin’ After Midnight” - You could tell she was sick. She did great for being sick. She turned a country song into her style perfectly (Lil should take notes). Her vocals may not be the strongest, but she knows her style and always picks something to fit it. Her dress was pretty, but there was something strange happening in the bust area...maybe she needed a br@?

Matt Giraud - “So Small” - This guys is great on piano, too. I know that everyone loves him, but I am still not on the boat. I LOVED his "Georgia" from Hollywood but I haven't heard anything since that makes me love him. He's is ho-hum to me and had a shaky vibrato.

So, who goes? I think it's going to be Michael, Lil, and Scott in the bottom (and I can only PRAY that Adam is down there, but I doubt it!). I think the judges would save Lil but not the others.
My faves? Danny, Kris, and Anoop.

I want to go on record now to say that I think Matt, Adam, and Danny will be the final 3 with Adam and Danny being in the finals. If that happens you had better believe that I will be voting my little heart out on as many phones as I can find!!!!!

What did you think?


Sturgmom said...

You really think Adam will make it to the top 2? I actually like him, minus his performance last night. I don't know if he'll go that far, though. Especially if he keeps creeping everyone out...

Sturgmom said...

Forgot to mention, your maltese is adorable!! That's the breed I want when we get another dog!

*Courtney* said...

Okay, so I pretty much agree with you on all of them...Kris and Danny are 2 of my faves, but I also like Adam. He's a little weird, but has an awesome voice.

I find it interesting that their are so many boys compared to girls in the top 10 this year. We'll just have to wait and see!!! :)

PS-see ya Sat. and looking forward to the bows!!

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